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T.V show ideas

Big Boys ( Back in the 1990's. About a dozen slackers 6 dudes 6 chicks they dwell at their jobs at Big Boys, the local down set down restaurant joint. An then there are the 2 folks in "management" 1 man 1 woman they are both into their own authority and fill their days creating wild & stupid rules for the working folk. So 7 dudes on 7 chicks you dig. ) 

Sinking Ship ( A struggling 34 years young stand up comedian Gabriel Paul ( John Gemberling ) "or as the kids these days call him "GayBall" takes a job doing stand up comedy on a party cruise ship that is going around the world. Where he hopes this is his big chance to show the people he can make it in the world comedy these days. An his also looking for some p*ssy as always because yes ladies his single an ready to mingle you sexy things. So look out ! Because the p*ssy hound is on the loose and his goose is loose my sweets. Hiyo ! "Now that has Comedy Central all over it dogs.") 

Wild Women (  A busty woman named Ruby Rose ( the owner of the Rose Strip Club ) enlists her beauteous bevy of ass kicking stripers. Candy, Tammy and Sandy and when they are not dancing the Rose they help Ruby Rose fight crime.) 

Starr A woman tries to become the top star in the glamorous world of Hollywood back in the late 60's early 70's. So in 1969 A young woman, Michele Starr ( Jennette Mccurdy ), is persuaded by a disreputable agent-type Cody Pogo ( Nick Swardson ) to leave her job as a waitress and her small town life behind her and travel to Los Angeles with him to become a "star". But when they get to Hollywood she has to become a go-go dancer as Mr. Cody Pogo trys to find her work in entertainment industry. An there in Hollywood, she must compete with the established top stars of the time if she is going to make it in Hollywood. Here in the early 1970's. She can sing she dance she and can act but she needs a break so she can showcase her skills out here in Hollywood Califrornia. So her drunk low life agent Cody Pogo better get his sh*t together so she become the star she was always meet to be. An mybe one day she can get her star on the walk of fame. But then again Cody Pogo is a big time f*ck up so will see what happens as we go down the road. )

more shows or whatever

Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker ( Matt Foley his 35 years old, who lives off a steady diet of government cheese, his thrice divorced, and living in a van down by the riverIn addition to his dishevelled, overweight, and unstylish appearance, he shouts, frequently loses his temper, disparages and insults his audience, wallows in cynicism and self-pity, and gives a negative motivational message. An as for his background his originally from Chicago and he is a former army soldier and a former pastor. An now day his travels all over the U.S.A. working as a motivational speaker. An this show will be a catroon made by Kevin Farley, John P Farley and Bob Odenkirk. With Kevin Farley doing the voice of Matt Foley in this cartoon. Rated tv 14 or MA. An the art for this show will look like the pic you clicked on to look at this crap.) 

Fake Out ( Lawerence Reid (Edward Blatchford ), is a washed up out of work actor down on his luck who is living out LA. An his about to lose it all after his hot young wife Cally Woods ( Natalia Cigliuti ) the SucKuBitch left his ass for rich younger than him actor  "B.B." Bode Boone ( Dustin Diamond )  because Lawerence he can't pay the bills anymore at all what so ever so she is done with him. So after hearing a media report that claims That the actor Mr. Lawerence Reid has been "paralysed by a falling lift." An on the same day a different media report claims that Mr. Lawerence Reid the X academy award winning actor who is down on his luck has a grave illness. So to collect insurance money so he can pay his bills and to get back in the spotlight as well, Mr. Lawerence Reid is going to fake both the being paralysed and Gravely ill. An doing this is going to take the best acting job of his life by a long shot. An yes this is a long shot and a dick move but this is his only move. But with the help of his best friend the magic man Dr. Eddie Samson ( Ed Alonzo ) he might just pull this off after all my friends. Rated MA. )

( More Later but i got some other stuff that needs to be worked on right now. So more later on players. ) 


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