Japanese game shows have become famous for their shocking content. Often coming across as a mix of wince inducing cruelty and Benny Hill on acid, there really seems no boundary the bonkers Japanese TV producers and contestants aren’t willing to cross in the name of excruciating pain and laughter. Let’s look at some loony examples.

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November 22, 2011

A Playful Game of Kiss and Yell

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Here’s a nice example to start with. Male contestants occupying an open fronted partition must pass objects mouth the mouth through windows in the walls from left to right. Just a harmful bit of smooching, nothing too challenging is it? Except that the objects to be passed include a live crab, salamander, crayfish, turtle and toad. Wrong on so many levels, send Sir David Attenborough in to kick some ass.

Mug of War

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Two men each put a leg of a pair of pantyhose over their head and play a mug scrunching game of tug of war which most likely permanently alters their features. Truly hilarious to watch, don’t try this in the Marks and Spencer’s lingerie section.

Can’t Believe What’s On Your Monitor?

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This is truly disturbing. Who on Earth thought this one up? Oh yeah, the Japanese. In this game show young girls put their heads up holes cut into the floor of a tank which just happens to have a hungry looking monitor lizard inside. The audience laughs hysterically at the ensuing lunacy, as the reptile tries to get hold of one of the screaming girls’ noses.

The New Stag Party

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While the actual rules and objectives of this game are hard to fathom, the apparatus is clear. Get one whimpering contestant and attach clothes pegs to his face, which are themselves attached to wires attached to giant stag beetles, who run off in all directions trying to tear the bloke’s mug clean off. No denying that it’s an emotional piece of film.

Have You The Balls For This One?

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Drawing on Japan’s rich cultural history, this high concept game show features a line up of male contestants who must stand strong and allow a swinging hammer device to drive its way up from the floor and into their family jewels. Unlikely to replace traditional croquet in the UK, this was almost certainly thought up by a female producer with a cheating husband.

Sweaty Fire Rescue Is A Scream

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In the mad mayhem of this lube drenched game show we can just about work out that the semi naked fake fire officers must rescue fake victims from a fake burning building. However, the slope to the building is covered in lube and leads down into pools of lube. Where they get all that stuff is a mystery, but the look on the faces of the contestants as they hurtle down makes it all worthwhile.

Candid Camera Japanese Style

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This harsh hidden camera show features a range of tricks to scare the living daylights out of its unsuspecting victims, including water traps in buildings which seem to be filled with scalding water if the ice bucket they have to lie on is any indication? Look out for the guy who gets a bumpy bus ride.

Silence in the Library

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Remember when you were at school and you and your pals would arse around in the library while monitors hushed you to shut the hell up? This game takes you back to those sniggering days as contestants play a card game forcing the loser to suffer one of a strange range of punishments.

Not One for Germaine Greer

Video 9.jpg

And finally, looking like a cross between a Russ Meyer film and Noel’s House Party, this in no way sexist game involves male contestants running up a super lubed slope against the pull of a bungee rope. When they’re close enough they then lob a ball at a panel which, if struck and removed, reveals part of the topless girl standing behind it. Pure genius, the guys are then pulled back into what looks like sewage.

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