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Things not to do on Easter Sunday.
Published April 22, 2011 More Info »
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Additional Credits:
The Jay Man.

Note it.

if you do make plan on going to church. ("An if your like me you go twice a year once on Easter and once on X-mas to try an keep your self out of hell when you die.") Do not show up drunk or with a hangover, but if you must have a buzz on just stick with the weed.

Take a shower or bath and put somthing clean on that doesn't make you look like a dip shit for once in my life i mean your life for the LOVE OF GOD!

Also when your at church just because the pastors is a good looking women doesn't mean you have to say God Lord i would f*ck her six way to sunday outloud so everyone can hear me this year. (i mean you!)

it's not the best day to get piss pants drunk.

Don't hide the eggs from the kids across the street with the letters F U on them this time.

Making it to the family dinner with out your junkie GF would be nice of you to do.

An try not to fight with anyone today. For Today is for the Lord!

Eating  a whole basket of chocolate in front of the kids when telling them your a grown ass person and you do what ever the F*ck you want. isn't very nice.

Remember just showing up an acting like an asshole isn't a gift.

This is not the time to tell your parents that you use Bi but now your gay, ever since you drop out of college an got gay married in Vegas to your half cousin. Happy Easter! Mom and Dad!

Do what you what you do pepz am just trying to help.

Don't say O Jesus Christ! Try  SWEET LORD E!

Don't beat the kids in fornt of everyone, save that sh*t for the house.

Hidding your stash of xxx movies from the kids this year. it will save you from having to answers questions like why do women get on there knees to suck the pee pee out of boys?

Burry your dead pet rabbits.

O an don't drop a #2 at your old ladies parents house or church for that matter no one wants to smell what the rock is cookin there my pepz. 

BY the way go to Church you only have to do it twice a year. Once on Easter an once on the old X-Mas. Hey it's for the jay the man yo!

An there are so meany more tips i could get into but you all get the point. Think before you F*ck up Easter for the rest of us.

So just be nice and act loving my peepz  for even if it is only for a day it still makes this world a better place to live even if it's only for one day.  PEACE ONE LOVE ONE LiFE FOR ALL BABY!




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