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Operating a Horse While Inebriated

"Sir, you'll have to pull your horse to the side of the road. Also, is this real life?" Those are the likely words of the police officers who arrested Brian Drone, a Colorado man spotted hammered on a horse's back and he went on a joyride through a strip mall. The best part of this one? The fact that the police obviously had no clue what to do with this horse. Said one: "Unlike in a DUI where you can tow a car, we had to do something with the horse."

Behind the Wheel of a Barbie Car

There's nothing like downing a few beers, getting behind the wheel of your pimped out ride, and rolling down the street showing off for all the ladies hanging outside the bar. And for Paul Hutton, there's nothing like doing it in a toy, Barbie car that he'd souped up for his children.  Cops pulled Hutton over while he was cruising around on the car meant for 3-5 year-olds. How they caught up to him is a wonder, considering the vehicle blazes up to speeds of 3 mph.

Disable Man on a Wheelchair

Speaking of going on a bender and then fleeing to the tune of a snail's pace, a disabled, British man was caught joyriding (with a friend in tow) on his electric wheelchair. Under normal laws, the scooter did not count as a car, so police were unable to charge him with drunk driving. Instead, they brought him down with an archaic, but awesome, Victorian law: "being drunk in charge of a carriage."

Donald Duck's Damaging DUI

The actual arrest is nothing out of the ordinary: repeat offender drives drunk and wreaks havoc on a fast-food drive-thru. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. But it just so happens that this particular man goes by the name of Donald Duck. Totally normal guy with normal name getting a DUI. No big deal. And yes, he had his pants on.

Vodka + Tanks = Awesome

While on a vodka run, Russian soldiers drunkenly crashed into someone's house. And we're not just playing up stereotypes. That actually happened; vodka was involved. Why the tank was on a neighborhood street is irrelevant, but we're sure Putin would be proud.

Goat in Trunk

Does this goat know how to party or what? A D.C. woman, Fiona Anna Enderdy was stopped her at a DUI checkpoint only when cops heard noises coming from the back of the car. So what'd they find upon opening the trunk? A goat of course. Kind of reminiscent of high school when you didn't have seats for all your drunk friends so you put a goat in the trunk. It's happened to all of us.