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A satirical look at some older movies with some mash-ups mixed between!
Published June 16, 2011 More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Cole Watkins - Designer

Honest Movie Posters

Here's what these promo posters should have said when these movies came out:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Our Wish List

Here are some extras for you that we think should have been made into existence.  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2300 The cross-over sequel to The Number 23 and 300.  Starring Jim Carrey, who time travels to the ancient land of Sparta unleashing his calculated, mathematical rage on those who oppose him.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Michael Jackson: The IllusionistMichael Jackson, starring himself, in the remade version of Edward Norton's role of The Illusionist.  Well... we realize that he's dead... but hey, it's a wish list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Star Trek Ressurection (Part 2)Jean Luc Picard makes the ultimate sacrifice... but there's more than meets the eye to this story... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kate & ThadeThe Cross-over sequel to the Planet of the Apes.  You have seen them rage, take over the world, and relegate humanity to slavery.  But have you seen them in the best cross-species romantic comedy ever made?