The NBA has banned him for life and he's now being forced to sell the LA Clippers. This will leave Donald Sterling with a lot of free time.

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April 29, 2014

1) Cancel his NBA Ticket subscription

2) Lose his fortune paying for Marriage Counseling

3) Become the only white guy without a black friend

4) Try joining the KKK, but will get denied because he’s Jewish

5) Write his memoirs, but refuse to release them as an audio book

6) Start his own line of Hair Color (black will not be available)

7) Awkwardly look around a room before he quietly tells you a “funny joke”

8) Apply to the NSA, as an expert on wire-tapping

9) Sell his own line of jewelry on QVC - Donald Sterling’s “Sterling Silver Collection”

10) Sue the NAACP for discrimination after they backed out of giving him an award