In trying to help me feel better about my so called "life."
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Hey Bro Let me Tell You a little Somthing big dog.

"Yeah dude i know sh*t gets tuff so way don't we grab a few brews on me tonight my man."

"Do you think the Jay man had any money when he was a live."

"Your just taking it easy for all of sinners out there dudeness."

"Just because she want me over you doesn't mean she doesn't have some almost as hot friends we might be able tp hook you up with ganstegr."

"Hey man love will find you one day when your not even looking there big guy."

"Yo Captain just chill bro and hit this bong you a*shole."

"One day man you will have just as nice of stuff as i do man trust me big cat."

"F*cking work is over rated anyways you old queer boat."

"She is not that good in the sack anyways cheekolean."

"Well you know you can always crash on the couch at place if your couch surfing agian buddy."

 "i know what will make you feel better how about you let me take you out to eat there Kooley O."

don't worry be happy.

"F*CK that dumba*s sh*t poopy pants and lets rock the F*CK OUT!"

"You just to Chill-Lax and play a little of the crack box with me you goober."

"O don't ever start worry about them f*ck ups there Ricky Retarddo."

"Just grow the f*ck up already you vajayjay."

"Hey! Lets get drunk as sh*t and push over some cows mo nuckker!"

"So do you want me to kick his ass?"

"Hey Bro Hymn how about we put on some punk rock and tear this place apart Mr. Dingleberry." 

"Well at least your not huffing gas agian there my little pimppercon."

"i feel your pain dog."

"Well at least you got death to look foward to old Daddy O."

"Strip Club on me right now and i'll buy you a pack of smokes after your lap dance for you there big sexy."

"F*CK iT Pappa Jake"

"Man it's like Joe Dirt said dude you can't have no in your hart bro."

"At least you got to f*ck her a few times anyways Bullfrog"

"To Hell with it all!"

"What are you gay or somthing, just go out there and get it you stupid dick head."

"Let her eat wide good budy!"

"Take her easy and if she is easy take her twice dude."

"O come on MAC daddy you can do it to it."

"Don't be a but dart your whole life and cheer the f*ck up already my man."

"Am out like herbs on your x girl friends vagina so you take her easy bro."

"Yo Bro just because we payed for her to have sex with you doesn't mean she not falling in love you big pimpin."

"A man it's little thing called growing balls you should really try it some time brother because it works wonders son.

Hell you come over to my place tongiht will get my wife all drunk with  us and i have her give you a B.J for the B-Day dude it's on me G. now let me hit that j bitch!