God why do i suck a life ?

#25. Yeah dogs i want to f*ck a 40 virgin so bad ! So look out nuns am cumming for you !

#24. Yeah big cats i needz my ass to hit the lottery so i get the HELL up out of W.V. ! An so i can buy good drugs and clean hookers for once.

#23. id'z needz me a good wife. So i can mooch off her the rest of my life. "Because i'll be the first one to go. aka she is going to kill me" !

#22. My ass needs to be in Seattle so i can smoke my weedies and not end up in jail for it again.

#21. Yeah am thinking i need a making kit because if i had it my way i would be drunk everyday all day son ! FTW !

#20. i want payed for my t.v and movie ideas you hear me Hollywood ! An that goes for you too funny or die do you f*cking hear me mother f*ckers ! F*CK ALL OF YOU ! Give me my cut NOW ! PAY UP !

#19. Yep i want to be a pro wrestler. Am coming for Daniel Bryan and am going to kill you for copying my style boy ! Because the DA Bullfrog rules all baby !

#18. A i need new friends. Because all my friends are dead or married so there dead to me you dig.

#17. Yo i needs to start key partying it up every day. So if you know of any key party action let me know freaks.

#16. Really i just need my own herb farm so i can smoke weed and make money at the same time son ! An then i can even make hemp beer. G spot !

#15. Yo check it i needs me a acting gig and fast big dogs. but am going to need a ride and a place to crash.

F*ck my life !

#14. Hey i need that one super power that makes me the master of sex. But a BJ right about now would hit the spot.

#13. Yeah i need Zima beer sold in the U.S.A again. Because i know the ladies love it !

#12. Hey f*ckerz id'z needz me a Darkman t.v show on NBC or CBS or what ever channel and NOW ! An yes like i said 50,000 times already am going keep bringing it up until it gets done. An hell if you need actors i;ll be a bad guy in that sh*t.

#11. Look i need todays music that is being made to stop with all the hardcore sucking for the love of God MAN !

#10. Speaking of crappy music. Hey i need to find a new band to jam in again because am butt hurting without a band to rock out with Gz.

#9. O yeah ! i need to start making love to Renee Zellweger. An is it just me that thinks Renee Zellweger looks high all the time. O yeah she got the dank sh*t ! So Renee what do you say we get baked out and f*ck each other brains out babe a ? call me ! yeah i once had a girl friend who look like Renee Zellweger and she was cool an super freak in a good way, so i know Renee Zellweger has to be even more of freak in sheets. "We get stoned and then she turns my dick into stone yo." GOODTiMES ! WOO !

#8. Bill and Ted 3 better get the f*cking green light and now ! Yeah because i need me some Bill and Ted dude !

#7. Yeah i need a full time job taking pics of naked chicks these days if you ask me. Note to self: Look out for the STD's bro-sexy. Because i need a job and talking both kinds here you all.

#6. So look i need my own bar that is located on that weed farm i want where we will have home made hemp beer on tap and good bands rocking out every day of the week.

#5. Yep it look like i could use a billion dollar idea right about now boo.

#4. There needs to be a vegan fast food place in area for the love of all that is good a vegan fast food is a must !

#3. Yo i needs me a whole lots of that Rogaine sh*t for sure a. An a personal trainer wouldn't hurt my weak little fat ass.

#2. Yeah i need a totally new wardrobe that is like fresh as hell you know.

#1. Well it's a fact that i need a life. Because what ever this is that is going on is not working out at all what so ever there buds ! ( GUN TO HEAD AND PULL ! )