After Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un has sent invites to his favorite 90s NBA stars to come to North Korea so that they can engage in "Basketball Diplomacy".

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Moses Malone


Supreme Leader likes Moses Malone more for his nickname "Chairman of the Boards" than for his Hall of Fame career.  


Anthony Mason


Inspired by Anthony Mason, Supreme Leader shaves North Korean nuclear codes in his hair. 

Robert Parish


Supreme Leader admired Robert Parrish aka "The Chief" for his longevity, stoic nature, and punching Bill Laimbeer. 

Shawn Kemp


Supreme Leader enjoyed "The Reign Man" for his electric dunks especially Kemp's dunk over Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1995 MTV Rock-N'-Jock Basketball Game. 

Mookie Blaylock


Supreme Leader loves the fact that Pearl Jam was originally named Mookie Blaylock. 

Mark Price


Supreme Leader appreciated Mark Price for his 3-point shooting ability.

Larry Johnson


Supreme Leader was a big fan of Grandmama, but still confused why Grandmama and Larry Johnson were never in the same place. 

Charles Oakley


Charles Oakley is the only person that strikes fear in the heart of Supreme Leader

Latrell Sprewell


Supreme Leader understands Latrell Sprewell's trouble of feeding his children, despite having millions.

Dominique Wilkins


"The Human Highlight Film" was Supreme Leader's favorite player in NBA Jam.