Marvel's The Avengers comes out on May 4th. 13 Going On 30's Mark Ruffalo plays The Incredible Hulk, but word on the street is that he made some interesting choices portraying the iconic character.
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Ruffalo Will be a More 'Laid Back Hulk'

The Hulk that Eric Bana and Edward Norton portrayed was kind of a dick.  Ruffalo's Hulk will totally be more chill.

New Catchphrase!

Instead of "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" Ruffalo improv'd and improved the line to "You wouldn't like me when my mell is harshed, bro."  Ruffalo's Hulk doesn't so much get angry but he does like get kind of bummed when the waiter forgets to put the salad dressing on the side.

Duh, New Costume.

Ripped shorts, shirt in tatters?  Nah yo, just a big ole' pair of sweatpants.  More practical, more comfortable.


Green is lame.  Ruffalo's Hulk is pretty tan with a little bit of stubble and a meticulously tousled head of hair.

Green. (Cont'd)

But speaking of green, Ruffalo's Bruce Banner will be smoking that sticky icky and 'laxin into chill mode, so The Hulk won't show up too often... unless Bruce's dispensary is closed that is.


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