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Dodson, O'Donnell, etc. It's been fun. Now get back to being people who shouldn't be famous.
Published December 09, 2010 More Info »

Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Stars

2010! What a year that existed! And like every year, we had our fair share of instant celebrities. Folks that should have in no way become famous. Folks, that despite their ambitions to stick around in our collective mindset, will never be heard from again. 

1. Antoine Dodson

What He'll Try to Be Remembered For: Being a pop culture icon. What He Will Be Remembered For: Reacting appropriately when his sister was almost raped, having his voice modulated for comic effect. 
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2. Christine O'Donnell

What She'll Try to be Remembered For: A lengthy political career. What She Will Be Remembered For: Witchcraft, hatred of masturbation, denying evolution. You know, political mumbo jumbo.  
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3. Jimmy McMillan

What He'll Try to Be Remembered For: Lowering rent. What He Will Be Remembered For: Not lowering the rent. 
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4. Double Rainbow Guy

What He'll Try to Be Remembered For: Being an ex-cage fighter who used his love of nature and earth to begin a career as a pitchman for a variety of products.What He Will Be Remembered For: Seeing two rainbows, being unable to grasp what it means. 
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Just kidding. She's here for ever and ever. In fact she's ringing in 2011 by dropping from a giant ball while her tantastic Jersey Shore cohorts fist pump. That's actually true, and is a scary embodiment of the state of our society, which seems to be right on schedule to end in 2012 like we'd planned all along.  

5. Steven Slater

What He'll Try to Be Remembered For: Parlaying his dramatic exit from his position as a Jet Blue flight attendant into a variety of other careers. See: sorry attempt at rapping. What He Will Be Remembered For: Having a hissy fit on a plane, jumping out while it was still on the ground, and getting arrested while having sex. 
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6. Trololol Guy

What He'll Try to Be Remembered For: Using an unearthed performance to resurrect a dormant career. What He Will Be Remembered For: Trolololing. 

7. Alvin Greene

What He'll Try to Be Remembered For: A presidential run. What He Will Be Remembered For: Winning the primary despite being arguably mentally-handicapped, howling at reporters, living at home with his father while running for Senate, showing college students porn. Come to think of it, this is exactly what this country needs. Greene 2012!