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Published November 04, 2011

Funny little things i hear cumin out your mouth dog!

"Sweet Tits Mcgee that stings like a Dick in of  a friday night."     "Holy sh*t balls on a stick thats tweack in and out my man hole." "I would work his crank over so hard!" (& thats what she said) "Dang baby you got my jimmy jam so fat your going to need to knock down a wall to into your back door girl." "Yo that bitch must be a witch because she just woke my dick up from the dead." "Do you want to backward 69 so you can eat my shit & die." "Eating vegan food like geting prison food - the hot beef injections" (its just nasty.) "The Dr. told me that cum is better  for than a protein shake so why dont you make yourself a cocktail and get on the rocks." "Damn baby you just RECTiFiED my Jhonson!" "O don't be such a but dart BRO!" "O yeah son i was CHOWiN on that sweet little "chickin Chow Mein" over there Last night ALL NiGHT DOGZ!" (if you know what am sayin) "Man do my nuts STANK! babe because i was all up in the pussy son!"  

"double dip me in sh*t i can't f in Believe it!" "its like a shacka racka lam of a jimmy jam thing sweetcheeks." "if my balls where any harder i would shot marbles." "Slip a tit for a tip ;-)" "She let me raw dog the back door" "Zip it Slip it an Dip it yo!" "its going to be a xxx X-Mas this year for this lover boy beacuse youve been a very bad girl." "We got a whole lot of nottin on Nothing for you to eat son so get the f*ck out my face." "Yeah sweety this Rogan sh*t ant working out so am going to have to go all the way & get my ass hair transplanted to my head." "Cum on my num nuts." "Holy TGi Fridays that was gay!"