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September 09, 2010

The Dream Team

The Dream Team: Also known as James Brown and Al Sharpton-- This dynamic duo had better hair than most women that I know today. Sharpton won't admit it, but his hair-care products were responsible for most of those church fires..

Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie: When he got his hurr did, it always managed to have that extra bounce and body. One time I saw him dancing on the ceiling and he dripped wave activator in my eye. Normally, I take away points for shit like that, but you don't fuck with a dude rocking a jheri curl/mullet combo.

A.C. Slater

AC Slater: As the other advocate of the perm/mullet combo on the list, dude was so fly that he was pulling that Jesse Spano tail. It's no coincidence that he's had to host Extra since cutting it off. Bad move, Slater. Bad move.

Sexual Chocolate

Sexual Chocolate: "Let Your Soul Glow"


N.W.A.: Individually, these hairstyles were raw on their own. Together, their hair was like some crazy Lord of the Rings shit that gave them superpowers. It also made them greedy and that's why they broke up.

Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson- As far as Major League Baseball goes, Rickey had an almost unfair advantage over the S-Curl market because he was from Oakland. The sheen from his glowing hair made it almost impossible for third basemen to see anything other than a flash of white light. It also made him more aerodynamic.