A list of funny imponderable questions by Wally DiCioccio.

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December 19, 2012

List #1





If underwear is called underwear, then 

why don’t we call outerwear overwear?  

And if we wear our outerwear outside, 

does that mean we’ve already worn them 

out and need to buy new ones?  Plus, 

if we fit in our outfits, why do we 

still call them outfits? Shouldn’t we 

call them infits until we 

outgrow them?  Then once they no 

longer fit, we can call them outfits.  

Makes more sense, right? 



Ever wonder if Ray Charles donated his 




Ever get startled when you pop open 

one of those crazy tubes of Pillsbury 




Teachers give kids homework so parents 

don’t have to watch cartoons all 






Ever call someone and an operator 

says, “Please enjoy the music while 

your party is being reached?”  You’re 

like, “MY PARTY?!  WHAT PARTY?!  I’m 

just trying to reach my friend Marty!” 




If you’re ever in the mood to start a 

conversation with a piece of steak, 

you could always start off by saying 

something like, “Wow, you’re really in 

rare form today,” or, “Nice job!  Well 




What is it that makes Wild Cherry so 

wild, exactly?



Don’t you love going to a restaurant 

on your birthday and the entire wait 

staff comes to your table to sing the 

Happy Birthday song to you?  You’re 

like, “That was awesome!  Do you guys 

know “Wheel in the Sky” by Journey?!” 




Humans must have discovered seals 

after discovering catfish, because 

there is no other reason why they 

didn’t just go right ahead and call 

seals catfish. 



Magnetic jewelry is attractive in two 

different ways. 



Guys, if your girlfriend says she 

wants you to go to Jared for 

Valentine’s Day, don’t take her to 

Subway.  That’s not the Jared she’s 

referring to. 


List# 2




What ever happened to the Swine Flu?  

It just flu away? 



Ever hear someone say, “Don’t take it 

personally?”  Well, what do they 

expect?  You’re a person!  What other 

way would they want you to take it?!  

That’s like insulting your pet parrot 

and then saying, “Oh, don’t take it 




Guys, if a girl tells you a random guy 

she just met asked her to marry him, 

don’t ask her if he was drunk. 




You know what you never hear about?  

Bees who commit suicide by stinging 




Ever have a dream where someone you 

know aggravates you, then even after 

you wake up, you still can’t help but 

be upset with these people in real 

life?  They’re like, “What’s your 

problem?”  You’re like, “Oh Joanne, 

don’t pretend like you don’t know!” 



How bored do you think the person who 

invented olive loaf must have been?  

“This bologna sucks!  I think I’m 

gonna spice it up with a few green 

olives.  Hey, bologna laced with 

olives    now, there’s an idea!  I 

shall call it ... Olive Loaf!  

Mmmwahahaha mmwahaha!!” 



You know, you could leave a male light 

bulb and a female light bulb alone in 

the same room, and they still wouldn’t 

be able to turn each other on. 



Don’t people with hands-free phones 

always seem to be talking to you? 




Do you think people who just don’t 

understand overstand?



You know, there’s nothing better than 

a nice morning-after Buffalo wing 




Ever go to open a new box of cereal 

and end up shredding the flap into 

pieces?  What a way to start your day.  

You wanted bran flakes, not box 





Don't the people who work at the U.S. 

Mint always seem to make a lot of 




Ever notice teenage girls tack an 

extra “Uh” sound onto the ends of 

ordinary words when they’re mad?  

They’re like, “Ew-uh!  No-uh!  Go away- 

uh!  Come on-uh!  Just go-uh!”



Whoever invented the Stick-Up Bulb 

should stick that stupid light bulb 

over their head each and every time 

they think up another crazy idea.