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A here are some ideas i just pulled out me bum bum there mates.
Published February 14, 2014 More Info »

Hey f*ckers at least am trying.

They all can't be winners ( Sam Luke (  Zachery Ty Bryan ) works as a mail man Monday - Friday walking the streets in LA the area giving you your mail 5 days a week. But come the weekends his just a young dude looking for love in all the wrong places as always. An then there is his unemployed best friend since the 3rd Grade Pattie Bay ( Ellen Page ) she is gay and she is living with her BBF Sam Luke because she has no where to go. So her goal in life is helping her good old BFF Sam Luke get lucky as his wing women 24/7. So every weekend these two single friends hit up LA area looking for some love from ladies around these parts.  An every weekend Sam Luke can never seal the deal with the ladies ( An when he does it's for a one night stand. ) and Pattie Bay is forever the queen having one nights stands with the ladies out here LA ( Some are Bi and some times Sam and Pattie tag team these one night stands. ). But anyways they keep on just keeping on becuase mybe one day they both can find true love for once in this city where they have lived out there lives. An by the way Pattie Bay needs a f in job bad !  Yeah Sam you would have it all my man if only Pattie wasn't gay you know boo.  Now go on and get your party on you two wild nuts ! Because you can't win if you don't play if you know what sayin big dogs ? So let her eat  wide tonigiht big cats ! )  

Back Home This all new comedy pilot revolves around a unemployed broke as a joke X New York City stock broker named Mr. Nick Knight jr ( Ethan Embry ) and his unemployed Russian mail order bride Mrs. Aksana Stetter Knight (  irina Voronina ) they are moving down to DallasTX !  Where Nick's Widowed hippie like hot unemployed southern mother ( who doesn't know about Aksana yet mind you ) Mr. Jill Hershey Knight  ( Shae D'lyn) (  she give birth to Nick at a very young age just so you know ok.) So anyways she clashes with her new Russian daughter-in law Aksana and her son Nick big time each week in new and funny as hell ways each ep. Your in deep sh*t Nick ! An Nick's dad Nick Knight sr the car dealer died of heart Attack trying to sale a used car a. )

W.W.E. on AMC ( That or f*ck having shows on TV and just put all the shows on the W.W.E. Network. Sidenote Bring back Sunday Night Heat and Shotgun Saturday Night on the W.W.E. with new eps would be cool. ) 

T.N.A Xplosion ( Under a new format where T.N.A. Xplosion has 3 matches each ep on a one hour long show on TBS  Saturdays 6pm - 7pm. Like the old W.C.W. Saturday Night show you know. or just put Xplosion on Spike.) 

Global Force Wrestling ( On WGN America. Sidenote: if a no go with WGN mybe CMT. ) 

Man Time (  A show about all things man stuff  hosted by hot chicks on Spike TV. ) 

Ren and Stimpy: Adult Swim ( Bring back Ren and Stimpy with new eps and air that sh*t on Adult Swim. )

Update (   Miss. Jennifer Love ( Yasmine Bleeth ) is a up-and-coming sports producer and a single mother who unwillingly becomes an on-camera Sideline reporter. An you can thank her boss \ brother Law Buck Newman ( Ted Mcginley ) for the new hot sideline reporter sports fans. An Jennifer Love she covers all the sports baby ! So she is going to need help with her 12 year sports nut son Frank Love. Because Frank's dad ( who frank has never seen in life before. ) the rock star ian Jefferson the lead singer of Battle Axe a hair metal band, has lots of kids from lots of women so it's like he doesn't exist too his kids. ( aka Jennifer Love got trashed an had a one night stand backstage at a rock show 12 years back. )  So her "Homemaker" sister Mrs. Marry Love  Newman ( Tiffany Amber Thiessen ) helps with little Frank. Yes Marry always wanted kids but she can't have them because of some bad heath thing we shouldn't talk about you know. So Marry just married a rich older guy and there you go. Now the the weird wacky setcom comedy stuff roll on in this show called Update.  )

Keep them cumming ! "An that's what she said !"

Working the Pole ( Angelina Hart ( Thora Birch ) is from a broken home and was homeless as a teen. An here is your run down on Angelina Hart you all. OK so she is a single mother who was high school drop out who used to be on drugs hardcore style. But her BF \ BABY DADDY  is dead from and OD on a mix of drugs a few years back. So after that she got off the drugs got a GED and started  taking some college classes and sh*t. Because she is sick of being a bum.  An so now a days she is striping so she can take care of her young daughter and herself and what have you you dig my peeps. An well the striping is paying for the rent \ the food \  the child care \  and college for Miss. Angelina Hart but she totally hates it ! . An this is her story of trying to get her life together with out backsliding into a life of drugs and alcohol abuse and other very bad things and what not kind of stuff  you know and i know that is always around in life. An if she could meet a real man who will man up for her would be a big + but until things get better for her you can go see her down at the clubs doing her thing so she can try and make something out of her self but she has had it hard since day one in life. O yes am talking some real edge E dark drama kind of stuff going down in this crap my friends. An i would really enjoy it as a rated MA t.v show but making it into a  movie with a happy ending could also work as well there hollywood big wiggers. Real deep stuff here. O yes this is something that has it all my friends. hartwarming stuff, sad crap, wild and crazy moments, nakedness, good times, bad times, hard times, drugs, drinking, you name it player because it's in the mix. An if we could get the people who made American Beauty to make this that would be some A + junk right there on your ass b*tch ! So yeah man am telling you Working The Pole is the next breaking bad with a lot more edge. So am telling you right now this is a must do for f in reals because there is a lot to work with and this stuff is very deep and it will suck you in like a champ.) 


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