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Jake and Angie the rom-com T.V. show and a bonus movie idea.
Published February 14, 2014 More Info »

Jake and Angie ( Rated T.V. MA )

Jake and Angie ( Jake Steele is a 29 year old who struggling t.v show and movie writer living with his parents in small town. Angie Turner is a 21 year old struggling artist who lives with her parents in the same small town as Jake, their both the youngest in their family Angie has 2 brothers and 2 sisters that are all off doing their own things in life. As for baby Jake he has a older sister and brother but this ain't about their family, it's about Angie and Jake falling deep in love with each other real fast like after knowing each other for meany years. You see Jake is friends with Angie's brothers Josh and Jack and they have been friends for a long time, so if Angie's family finds out what is really going  on here their all going to flip F out. Because Jake is kind of a bad seed at times you see. But when Jake and Angie get together good things happen for them both like as in always. An this is show about love and rising above it all no matter what comes their way. So it's not the perfect life by any means but Jake and Angie's love for each other can over come anything what so ever my friends. As they inspire each other to do more and be more in life for the good mind you. Over coming hard time and all things that truly test their faith and relationship, but they make it work and it's damn good ! Just taking one day at a time as true soul-mates. An i'll just leave the rest of this idea open so you writers have lots of room to play with in this dark rom-com kind of show. Side-note Angie and Jake love singing songs together with Jake on the old acoustic because at one point in Jake's life he was a musician. Over coming the odd with Jake and Angie Rated T.V. MA.) 

A Knights in Shinning Armor ( Rated PG 13 )

A Knight in Shinning Armor ( Yes the movie based off the book A Knight in Shinning Armor by Jude Deveraux would be a classic flick. You know the one, "Once upon a time, as a fair maiden lay weeping upon a cold tombstone, her heartfelt desire was suddenly made real before her: tall, broad of shoulder, attired in gleaming silver and gold, her knight in shining armor had come to rescue his damsel in distress." ) 


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