am just sining turds.
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Published August 16, 2011

Am so hard right now.

"if i told you that you had a beautiful body would you hold it aginst me?"
(from my man Joe Dirt)

"Am on the Zolot so i don't kill you mother f*ckers!"
(Iron Mike Tyson)

"Holy sh*t Balls!"

"Sweet tits Magee that stings like the dickins"

"Let her eat wide good budy"

"Taker easy & if shes easy taker twice"

"sh*t on a stick i was that close"

"Luck for you i hate myself more than i hate you bud"

"Two in the pink one in the stink"

"My pants are geting tight"

"Dang baby your a 10 and then some"

"once you go black you don't go back door"

"Once she gets fat you get away fast"

"Thats what you get b*tch so you better like it"

"You better be good at pulling Sh*t out of your ass budy"

"if i knew it was going to be that kind of party i would of stuck my d*ck in the potatoes"
(Rawlley the homless man)


"Don't hate the player hate your lack of game son"

"Do fries cum with dat shack"
(P Funk)

"if its smells like fish its time to double fist"

"where is the green Mr. Clean"

"she is a ho fo sho"
(your mom)

"So what are we having on this flight? chicken or chicken"
(Tommy Callahan)

"if your paying for cable and not watching it your wasting money"
(the meat man)

"My name is Buck & i like to F*ck"
(Buck the nurse)

"I'll brake you"
(what Dolf Lundgren says when having sex)

"Here is my thing on tits if i can touch em there real"
(Mr. Joe Rogan)

"Am a gentemen i aways pull out"

"Hookers they give you bang for your buc"

"F*ck me running"

"Well it looks like i got off first agian sweetcheeks"

"F*ck off & die"
(bloody hell its a U.K thing ok mate)
"Double dip me in sh*t and lick it off like am lollipop !"
"O! i just busted a load !"
"Why don't you just f*ck me in the ass why your at you f*cking a*shole !" 
"The drunker i get the better you look there sweetcheeks." 
"What is that your PMS dress yah f*cking b*tch ! "
"Hey! Hey! Hey! Get High Everyday!"
"You can sh*t in one hand an wish in the other and will see witch one fills up first d*ckface."
"Yeah what ever you need to telly yourself there champ. " 
"F*ck me sideways on the Highway !"
" Fact is you always have to pay or sex in someway shape or form bro." 
"Well that just sucked a fat hard hairy one!" 
"Yeah life is a b*tch and then you die the end."
"Blow me!"