A list of the things that I would need if I positively knew 100% the time and day of the Apocalypse.

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The Last Day on Earth Survival Kit- Part I

1. Jack Daniels- 1 liter
2. 1/4 premium OG weed (Platinum, Headband, Banana, Romulin, etc..)
3. Super sized rolling papers
4. Syringe
5. Pure, sweet, uncut, Vietnamese Blacktar Heroin
6. One Free willing, active and able, sexual female freak (preferably white)
7. One portable BlueRay DVD player/ with batteries
8. Two Pack Vivid Adult Entertainment Best of DVD's
9. Two packs Marlboro Red Cigarettes
10. One Zippo Lighter (pre-fueled)
11. The Rose Bowl- Mid Field/50 yard line
12. One Poster-board sign that reads- "WeDiDiT BiGTiMe"



The Last Day on Earth Survuval Kit- Part II

1. Water