Rappers have a knack for getting arrested. Some for seemingly normal stuff, others for downright idiotic illegal activity. This list pays tribute to the many men o' hip hop that wound up in legal trouble for hilarious reasons. Maybe they're secret comedic geniuses that don't give a flying FwUCK. Maybe they love to party. Maybe they're psychopaths. Maybe they just got straight boned by the long dong of the law. I don't know. I do know these arrests are ridiculous as shit.

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October 04, 2011

#10 - Big Boi - Aug 2011

OutKast rapper Big Boi was arrested a few months back after trying to exit a Carnival cruise ship with Ecstasy pills and powder and a bunch of unprescribed Viagra pills. Shit was discovered by a drug sniffing dog. Big Boi's comment following his release was "Shit, they said it was the love boat." Truth, Big Boi. At least he had a badass cruise. 

#9 Vanilla Ice - Nov 2004

90s bad boy Vanilla Ice is no stranger to Florida police, with multiple domestic abuse arrests, but his run in with the fuzz (pun intended) in 2004 is much more hilarious. Apparently, while he was out of town his pet Wallaroo and Goat escaped from his backyard. Both animals were illegal, given their permits expired. Somehow 'Pancho' the goat opened his back gate and 'Bucky' the Wallaroo went on a multiple day adventure through the streets of southeast florida. The ice man was fined $220 and is killin' the 'Julius Caesar cut' in that mugshot. Word to your mother.

#8 Gucci Mane - April 2011

Gucci Mane comes in at number 8 with his uber-slick pickup attempt turned assault at an Atlanta area mall. Apparently Gucci was trollin' for bitches in his Hummer when he found one lucky lady and invited her to breakfast. Once she hopped in his truck, Mr. Mane offered her a whopping $150 to go "back to the hotel". She said no, so naturally while still driving he opened the passenger door and shoved her out. Classic move. Sounds to me like it was her fault, last i checked 'breakfast' is code for 'cheap sex'. 

#7 Webbie - Sept 2008

Back in 2008 Webbie got himself tangled in yet another legal web when he decided to flee a routine traffic stop. He proceeded to smash into a stopped car on a highway exit, evade the cops, continue to a nearby Walmart parking lot and abandon his wrecked car. Hours later cops found him and two other friends in another car and somehow, only Webbie was arrested. Instead of a speeding ticket, Webbie now faced two felony counts and a misdemeanor. So, i mean, he totally came out on top, right? 

#6 N.O.R.E. Feb 2009

Our #6 arrest stemmed from a beef sesh at a burger stand in Miami. Turns out, rapper N.O.R.E got pissed off at a customer in front of him in line, punched him in the face, and ripped up his bouquet of flowers. Now thats what I'm talking about. Teach that mofo a lesson. Whoever was meant to get those flowers is gonna be pissed! N.O.R.E. allegedly then screamed, "do you know who I am?"...Kind of? And dude, you better pay for those Azaleas. 

#5 Flesh-N-Bone 1998

The 90s were a wild time, just ask Vanilla Ice. Flesh-N-Bone had such a wild time in the 90s that he allegedly pistol whipped a one inch gash in his Mom's face. Flesh pled not guilty. I'm not one to judge, but why would anyone's Mom make that ish up? Bitch probably forgot to tuck him in. 

#4 DMX June 2004

In DMX's first of three appearances on this list, when asked for the $9.00 parking fee at JFK Airport, he said "X ain't gon give it to ya". While he may have not actually said that he still crashed his SUV through the gate and impersonated a federal agent when questioned. The attendant let him go, so he commandeered another vehicle still pretending to be an FBI agent. Eventually cops got there, arrested him and found crack rocks and a billy club in his SUV. I mean, X, dude, what the shit? Sounds like a great scene from Cradle 2 The Grave II. 

#3 DMX June 2008

X is back, with another gem of an arrest. While chillin in Miami back in 2008, DMX tried to buy $30 of cocaine and $15 of marijuana from an undercover cop and got busted. C'mon man, that's just too easy. Risking a possible undercover scenario for $45 worth of drugs? Y'all gon make me lose my mind.

#2 Petey Pablo Sept 2010

Petey Pablo sneaks in at the number two spot. Petey joins this list for his bone headed attempt at bringing an unregistered, STOLEN, hand gun in his carry on luggage through airport security in North Carolina. Petey was on his way to the 2010 MTV VMA's, so naturally, you gotta be strapped when Chelsea Handler is hosting. Not much else to say, except that he didn't make it to the VMAs. 

#1 Big Lurch April 2002

Big Lurch takes the cake at numero uno with his unquestionably most ridiculous crime in the spring of 2002. This crime is in reality a terrible tragedy, but I figure it has to take the top spot, so here it is anyways. Lurch literally murdered his female roomate and ate parts of her face and lungs while under the influence of PCP. When cops found him he was covered in blood screaming at the sky in the middle of a street. Yep, you heard right. Dude is doing life in prison now. Kinda leaves a bad taste in all our mouths, doesn't it?...Ok that was uncalled for.

Bonus - DMX April 2008

Because I don't want to end on that Big Lurch story, and because DMX has so many ridiculous arrests - here's a bonus two-part X story. The same day that authorities raided DMX's Arizona home and found 12 undernourished pit bulls and 3 dead dogs buried in his yard, they also found out he used a fake ID for pneumonia treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix. Apparently, DMX said his name was 'Troy Jones' during the entire 8 hour treatment, meanwhile multiple hospital employees recognized the famous rapper. His Troy Jones story included a fake ID and fake social security number. 
Sounds like a pretty ruff day for Earl, considering the whirlwind of felony and misdemeanor charges within the same 24 hrs. Something tells me it wasn't his worst.