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a list of my top stoner flicks ;] 420
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Published May 26, 2011

like Warning the order of this list doesn't mean any at all brozillaz

#1 Cheech & Chong (Up in Smoke,Still Somkin, Next Movie, Thing are Tough All Over, Nice Dreams, Yellhowbeard,Corsican Brothers, 2010 tour Hey Watch This)
#2 Harold & Kumar (Go to White Castle, Escape from Guantanamo Bay, 3D)

#3 Fast Times at Ridgemont High (from 1982)

#4  Dude Where's my Car (And THEN!)

#5 Caddyshack (1 & 2)

#6 Spaceballs (Was the first movie to make fun of Star Wars.)

#7 Mike Judge movies ( Beavis & But-Head Do America, Office Space, Idiocracy, Extract)

#8 Friday (Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next)

#9 Half Baked (Dave Chappelle Wrote and Stars in it. Go see him do stand up.)

#10 The Big Lebowski (sidenote there is talk about making #2 in 2013 some time.)

#11 Pineapple Express (2008: but that goes for almost any Seth Rogen Flim)

#12 Hot Tup Time Machine (the 2010 party movie of the year fo sho!)

#13 Old School (but any Willie Ferrell movie will do)

#14 Bongwater (1997)

#15 Rolling Kansas (2003)


Did i call you or did you call me?

#16 Gandman's Boy ( really any movie Adam Sandler has a hand in making that his not in.)

#17 Mall Rats (  But that goes for any Kevin Smith flims)

#18 Your Highness (get super high for this.)

#19 Super High Me (A 2007 Documentary)

#20 Smiley Face (2007 but any move with that chick in it is f in funny.)

#21 Tenacious D Pick of Destiny (by the way there a grate band so go get there new cd.)

#22 Saving Grace (from 2000 the movie has hart people.)

#23 Lamnbock (2001 kind of a dumb on but when ripped it's a good time.)

#24 Super Troopers (or any Brokin Lizzerd flims)

#25 The Wackness (2008)

#26 Horrible Bosses (but that goes for any movie/show Jason Batemen is in.)

#27 Homegrown (staring Bill Bob Thornton. it's drug deal movie if you know what am getting at.)

#28 PCU (i have party to that movie more times than i can count so that makes its more than 50 times.)

#29 How High (Wu Tang ant nottin to f*ck with G)

#30 Magic Trip (hiting the road with some Hippes)

#31 The Hangover (one and 2)

#32 Mr.Nice (It's the story of UK hash and marijuana importer Howard Marks.)

#33 Star Wars (watch all of them of them in one day and get baked out the whole time. Turst me. O yeah do that with Lord of the Rings also yo!)

#34 Bio Dome and Pauly Shore is Dead  ( Are the only 2 Pauly Shore i can give a recommendation for.)

#35 Black Swan ( Don't ask me why but from some reason i have to be high to look at Natalie Protman Naked.)

#36 Naked Guns (all of them.)

#37 The Wendell Baker Story (if you like the Wilson brothers this movie is for you.)

#38 Dazed and Confused (even if you didn't go to high school back in the 70s this is still a cool one.)

#39 Pulp Fiction (Or any other Quentin Tarantino flick for that mattter.)

#40 Without a paddle (or any movie that has one of them 3 guys from this movie in it.)

 "There are a lot more killer flicks out there and shit but am to f in stoned to remeber what the hell they are man."

Trust me i seen must of these flims over 100 times. Even if most of the times i was to high to remember what happened in them so i had to re-watch  them.

"i got a bad case of the muchies right now so peace it out peepz."

Much Love

Da Bullfrog