Before going on the job market, review these tricky questions employers may use to stump you!

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October 07, 2010

If you could carjack a Porsche or a Ferrari, which would you choose?

Describe your last boss, without using adjectives, colors, articles or the past tense.

Discuss the role of breaks taking on the voices of two different workers, one with a Finnish accent and one with a  Russian.

What are your feelings about leather dog collars in the workplace?

Does Jack in the Box still have those chicken ciabatta sandwiches for $3.99?

Do stalactites hang from cavern ceilings or protrude from cavern floors?

Tell me about your first erotic obsession with a co-worker.

How much experience do you have working in remote, rural polygamist compounds?

When you find signs of animal sacrifice at work, do you usually contact the authorities?

Would it bother you if I conduct this interview in the persona of Captain Queeg?

Would you be willing to volunteer in our ‘Massages for the Homeless’ program?