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Let's face the facts people! Nothin' beats the '90s! But just because you were born in the 90s doesn't make you a true '90s kid! Here's a list of 10 things that only a true 90s kid would know!
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Published April 23, 2014

1. You remember dial-up internet taking 15 minutes just to download an iMessage screencap on Instagram.

2. You remember listening to One Direction... ON A WALKMAN!

3. You remember when Are You Afraid of the Dark? revealed who the Yellow King was.

4. You would get really upset when your Tamagotchi was sick, but knew it would be okay because of ObamaCare.

5. You actually saw Jumanji when it first came out on the Pirate Bay.

6. Your favorite movie that came out in the 90s was The Wolf of Wall Street, because those 90s clothing styles were just so funky!

Not to mention, Leo was soooo much cuter before Titanic!

7. You had the entire “Goosebumps” series on your Nook or Kindle Fire.

8. You remember when Vevo on YouTube would actually play music videos and not just reality shows about pregnant teens.

9. You had Now That’s What I Call Music Vol. 1 in your iCloud so you could have it on all your devices!

10. You remember when people were still allowed to smoke E-cigarettes in restaurants.