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March 13, 2014


1. This is the beginning of a list. You're beginning to read a LIST!


2. There's more than one item in this list. You're getting it now! 


3. Whoa. A third thing. This is TOTALLY a list you understand. You can read ALL of these words. Especially the ones CAPITALIZED for EMPHASIS.


4. I bet someone else posted this list and you saw it because you thought you could relate to it. Were you right? Was I right? Of course we were!


5. This is such a great list. You can't wait to show this to all of your friends that you mostly don't talk to.


6. You're a specific type of person. You think you're really different and are amazed when you find things you can relate to. 


7. You constantly find things you can relate to. Maybe you're not as different as everyone else. Did that make you think? It was supposed to!


8. Maybe you're not the kind of person to post this for everyone. Maybe you saw this list and before you read it thought of one person you know and sent it to them. 


9. Isn't this so much fun? I bet you haven't smiled or laughed at any of these list items. Because you're by yourself. Wait, do you sometimes laugh out loud to yourself when no one is around? NO WAY! SO DO I!


10. This is totally more worth-while than whatever constructive things you could be doing. Reading a book can be hard. Life's easier when it's broken down into a list. Especially when you know how many items are in that list before you read it. 


11. This list is almost over! (But you knew that already.) Well that's good. You were starting to get bored anyway.


12. You know what else is great? Celebrities that are close to you in age. Small animals. Disney Princesses. Repost if you have a bestfriend/girlfriend/boyfriend/brother/sister/stepbrother/stepsister/mom/dad/stepmom/stepdad/boss/bossyoudon'tlike/