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Mind BS here too save the DAY t.v Writers.

Buddy Wack it. ( A t.v show about a 30 year old loser with out a job or a car living in his parents basement, slowly getting his life together on small step at a time. So yeah we dive deep into the soul of a shallow man who needs to get real and grow the f*ck up already you cry baby. Get in the Game Boy ! Can it be done well is find out in slow mo day with the day to day BS that never stop with the ball busting jokes. An we called this dude BiG Mike Jacobs the goofball hermit guy. "Am sorry Mom and Dad" Because this dude is a sorry mother f*cker i tell you what. So gear up for some stuff sh*t and what Buddy Wack it. Finding a job would be a start Bud."Quit being a Dick and do your part brother because where all in this together Big Mike." Bad New can't last forever i guess.) 


Just The baby stage of this brain candy.

The independent league ( A comedy show about being a pack of want to be baseball players in a high class independent baseball league called the Irish League. About a team that plays all over Europe, an this is there season to season story as as guys on a team living the highs and lows of trying out the whole ball player life casing a dream thing, kind of fun deal with this sh*t !. A team called "The California Shamrocks".  The 25 man and the coaching Staff as the cast keep the dream alive ! playing for a broke ass team.  )