Sure, drones are America's unmanned killing machines. But they're morally questionable, and frankly, they creep us out. Why? Because they look like cyborg 747s with no eyes. So we've come up with 5 friendlier drones.

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March 27, 2013

The Goodyear Drone


What's more reassuring than seeing the Goodyear blimp at sporting events? Well, now there's the Goodyear drone. As it flies over remote Afghanistan, innocent villagers will think they're at the Rose Bowl. Touchdown!

The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile Drone


What's more American than the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile? This drone combines killing with America's favorite hot dog! Oh, I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner!

The Taco Truck Drone

Taco truck Drone

The taco truck craze is sweeping the nation! We've combined the war on terror with delicious Mexican food. Two carne asada tacos and a Hellfire missile, please. Si, senor!

The Snoopy Drone

Snoopy Drone

Tell me, who's more beloved than Snoopy the Flying Ace? This drone combines pinpoint accuracy with adorability. Good grief!

The Skywriting Drone

Marry Me Drone

Want to send a message to that special loved one in your life, while taking out a Taliban convoy? Our joystick operators are standing by!