Top 25 songs that make me cry and also 25 other things that make me cry. ( This is kind of a downer big time way.) So heads up !
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Top #25 Songs that make me cry

#25. Up Where Belong ( This song has been covered by a lot of people but no matter who the singers are i cry every single time i hear this song. ) 

#24. Kiss From a Rose by Seal ( That crappy Batman movie kind of f*cked up this song for me but i stil cry when i hear this one jammed out. ) 

#23. Do it for You ( Best Bryan Adams song ever from the best Robbin Hood movie ever and it gets me every time ladies. ) 

#22. Everytime You Go Away By Paul Young ( RiP John Candy ) 

#21. if You Don't Me By Now ( A lot of people haved covered this song because it's a classic brake up song that makes us cry. ) 

#20. Gold by Spandau Ballet ( A very uplifting song that bring a tear to my eye. Remember my friends your GOLD. ) 

#19. Africa by Toto (  Now that is a love song if there ever was one. ) 

#18. Broken Wings by Mr. Mister (  Yes i have broken wings. ) 

#17. Peeping Throught The Window By Roy C ( F*ckin b*tches ! ) 

#16. The Rose ( A lot of people have done this song but man if this song doesn't tear you up you must be a robot. ) 

#15. Gone Away By The Offspring ( This song make me think of all my old friends who past away way too young. ) 

#14. Fall to peices by Velvet Revolver ( Drugs are bad. ) 

#13. Wish You Where by Pink Floyd (  You know why this song makes me cry. ) 

#12. She Talks to Angels By The Black Crowes ( Don't act that this song isn't sad. ) 

#11. Runaway Train By Soul Asylum ( This song makes me thinking about all them lost kids out there in world and that makes me cry. ) 

#10. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve ( Well it's true life is biter sweet. ) 

#9. Natural Blues by Moby ( Don't nobody knows my troubles but God. An am sure the same goes for you. ) 

#8. Little Wing ( Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughans versions both get me tearing up when i hear them bad boys. RiP Jimi & Stevie ) 

#7. The Way By Fastball (  So yeah this song it's about a old couple who got lost driving in the desert and got stranded and yes they died out there. ) 

#6. Box of Rain By The Grateful Dead ( Box of Rain and Ripple are the two Dead songs that get too me. ) 

#5. The Space Between By The Dave Matthews ( But then again The Dave Matthews Band has a ot of sad songs. ) 

#4. The Scientist By Coldplay ( Yeah i wish i could go back to the start because am a f*ck up. ) 

#3. Through Glass By Stone Sour ( prison sucks. ) 

#2. Tears in Heaven By Eric Clapton ( Now if this song doesn't make you want too cry you have no soul. ) 

#1. The End By The Doors ( This is the end my only friend the end. ) 

Bonus: You are So Beautiful, Strawberry Fields Forever, Forever Young ( An there are a lot of other songs that me cry my eyes out but lets not get into this anymore than the 25 + the bonus round. An hey i cry all the time but am no pussy i just lick the pussy A ! ) 

25 other things that make me cry ( no rank )

#25. The Government ( Because they suck at what they do. )

#24. The very rich ( F*CK YOU rich people your holding the world back. An F*CK big BiZ ! )

#23. Women ( Can't find a good one so i cry out it a lot. An some time stanky vagina bring on the tears. An yes ladies am single ;- )

#22. Sports ( Yes i cry in the good times and i cry in the bad times. )

#21. Movies ( Don't know why i watch so much sad stuff but i do. )

#20. Wars ( Where is the LOVE ? ! )

#19. Gangsters ( Where all in this together so wake up and be loving and caring human being. An you don't need money for that players.)

#18. Crazy People ( Some i feel bad for and other are pure evil that wish i could kill with my bare hands Because there f*ck up the world. )

#17. Homeless Folk ( The drugs don't help anything you all. )

#16. My so called friends ( There always f*cking with me ! So stop it !)

#15. My family ( Quit looking down on me an trying my best ! )

#14. Pain ( Emotional Pain hurts the most but physical pain also makes me cry if i get hurt really bad like i do from time to time. )

#13. Cemeteries ( There all over the place and there all full of sadness. So that makes me cry. An am not real big on going to cemeteries but i do some times because it makes other feel a little better if i go.)

#12. animals ( Yes i cry if i see a super cut animal or a animal in pain or dead it make me cry and yes am a vegan. An you can call me vagina if you want but i am what i eat you get it ! Hiyo ! You get it ! )

#11. Going Bald ( Skullet here i come buddy ! )

#10. Being Unemployed ( So i cry and do stuff online to make other people lots of money that i will never see a dime of ever in my life ! )

#9. Living with my Parents ( GOD SAVE ME NOW ! Because i needs out of this mother f*cking house a sap O Lord E ! )

#8. Playing Music ( Am a bum at playing music and i wish i was better but am not so that makes me cry like a little b*tch all the time you dig.)

#7. Porno ( Well some times. Like when a man and a woman are truly in love with each other very deeply, so take make a home made porn to post up online so the world can see how much they love each other. Am crying because it's just so beautiful you know what i mean boo. )

#6. Religion ( The misinterpretations of religion makes me cry. )

#5. Human Right Violations ( When will we learn that we have too be at peace with each other in this world if anything good is going to happen in life for the human race man ! Am mean for real people ! )

#4. Sex ( Am a crying foul after some sex i tell you what ladies. )

#3. Bills ( Am broke as joke so i can't not pay my bill so i cry a lot. )

#2. Motivational Speakers ( The power of the mind is lovely. )

#1. Poems ( Poems of all kinds really hit home with me these days. )


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