I got signed up to speed date by the guys at RadioAwesome and I drank like a Somali pirate on holiday.

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September 30, 2011


  • Cats plural?
  • Do you smell that?*
  • Are you having some sort of allergic reaction?*
  • I bet you dress as something slutty for Halloween.
  • How many kids?
  • I’ve got some serious road rage.*
  • I’ve never tried to crochet.
  • Did you shit yourself?*
  • God you look like my high school girlfriends mom.
  • Nick Swardson’s gay.
  • Wait, you, own a “Shake Weight”?*
  • Do you have access to a pool or hot tub?*
  • I’ve seen you on Facebook.
  • I live with my dad.
  • Is that a Bloody Mary? I had two of those for breakfast!
  • My friends and I call an unbleached asshole a “shift eight”. Seriously look at a keyboard.*
  • Wait, what the fuck do you do for a living?
  • Slow night tonight.
  • I’ve always wanted to ride in a rickshaw.*
  • Lisa?!
  • I love Lady Gaga!
  • How the fuck could you not like Anderson Cooper?!*
  • I do stand-up comedy.



* I actually got that girls phone number or, she was Asian, or fat, or I farted and blamed it on someone else, or this is FCC legal to say on the radio…