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March 09, 2012

The Top 10 Sign Our Economy Sucks


The Top 10 Signs Our Economy Sucks
10. Mexico actually finished the wall for us.
9. The President promises stability in the housing market now that MC Hammer is running things.
8. You accidentally killed your donkey when you tried to fill it up with gas.
7. Just the other day, you asked a Mexican guy at Home Depot if he had any work for you.
6. Instead of paying for cable, you throw a cat and a bird in a box and pretend you’re watching Tom and Jerry.
 5. While at Sunday Mass, you and your family go up for a second helping of the body of Christ.
4. You go from spending a $1000 per hour for sex to $1.00 per hour to watch 2 homeless guys beat box naked.
3. Your company dropped its HMO and now just gives you a bottle of Robitussin and Head-On.
2. Your wife wanted an Ipad for Christmas; you got her an eye patch.
1. Instead of taking a bath with water, you just have your cat lick you for 20 minutes.

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