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25 Weekend or what you might call a "Holiday" free time ideas.
Published October 21, 2010 More Info ยป
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Additional Credits:
No life.

party Hard.

#25. Hit up the Cougar bars around closing time. #24. Go get drunk with the homeless. #23. Get baked and have a Cheech and Chong marathon. #22. Beat off none stop. #21. Hit up the strip club. #20. Tailgate party. #19. Hookers #18. Get the band back together. #17. Have a key party orgy. #16. Become a masked independent pro wrestler on the weekends. #15. F*ck your Wife and her mother at the same time. ( Hey it's not incest if they don't taught each other. ) #14. Do your stand up stick at the improv comedy club. #13. Get p*ss pants drunk with your boss. #12. crack out on the sports.

Life sucks so make the weekends fun.

#11. Bar fights #10. A drag Queen weekend ! #9. Crack out on the video games. #8. Camp out alone so you can have some peace for once in your sad little life. #7. Go to a cult meeting. #6. Go check out some local bands. ( An then do drugs with them bands.) #5. 69 weekend. Ladies you know what am saying. ( 69 in some 96 ) "a 96 is when you eat out each other b-holes." #4. Make some extra cash at the sperm bank. #3. Pick up your kids for the weekend. #2. The same thing you do every day watch t.v. 8 hours a day. #1. Quit your job and make everyday a weekend.


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