What if classic and current TV shows were all cast with comic book superheroes and supervillains?



Spiderman is sure that he saw the Invisible Woman on the street, but she didn’t wave back in return. She responds that she wasn’t there and asks how he could’ve seen her if she was invisible. He says it was his Spidey sense… and he was squinting. Robin discovers that one of his favorite capes is slashed to shreds. He blames it on Wolverine who denies borrowing it, claiming that he’s not a “cape” kinda guy. Turns out, it was the dry cleaner who was annoyed that Robin’s always forgetting his ticket. The whole crew make a bet over who can last the longest without showering. Aquaman finds a loophole.



Body found in alley. Professor X uses mutant mental powers to solve crime.

Body found in ravine. Professor X uses mutant mental powers to solve crime.

Body found in attic. Professor X uses mutant mental powers to solve crime.



After Scarecrow and Ironman beat Storm and Magneto in a game of flip-cup, they get teased about not being “real” superheroes because they rely on their suits and gadgets. They decide to prove their natural abilities by challenging Storm and Magneto to a no-gadgets-allowed “save-off”—most people saved in 24 hours wins. Scarecrow tries to cheat by convincing Human Torch to light an orphanage on fire so he can run in and save them, but his inability to figure out the fire extinguisher causes all 74 orphans to die. Superman must be called in to fly around the world backwards, reversing time to before the flip-cup battle. 



Bruce Banner presents new Palmolive ad campaign to clients. After six months of hard work, senior client decides it “just isn’t right” and kills campaign. Bruce gets angry and transforms into The Hulk and smashes conference room, having to be restrained by Thor. Kingpin must take clients out to Four Seasons to preserve relationship. Meanwhile, Dr. Doom wins a major piece of new business—Russian vodka brand, Stoli. Captain America refuses to work on Commie brand, but gets blackmailed into staying on so that his wife won’t find out about his late night “brainstorming” sessions with junior copywriter Kitty Pryde.



Green Goblin and Silver Surfer both want to ask Poison Ivy to the Bayside prom. To decide who gets to take her, they skip Home Ec  to have a drag race, flying glider VS flying surfboard. Green Goblin accidentally crashes into the storefront of The Max, just as their principal, Dr. Octopus, was having lunch with the prom committee. Instead of going to the dance, Green Goblin and Silver Surfer both get assigned to do dishes at The Max until they pay off the damage. Poison Ivy instead goes out with harmless geek, The Penguin.



Mystique feels awkward about a blind date with a new substitute teacher at her school. She asks her guy roommates what to do, and they all tell her to be herself. But when she hears that her date likes sports, Mystique decides to transform into former WNBA star Rebecca Lobo. The date goes awry, and Mystique spends another night home with the guys, making S’mores and playing the ukulele.



For the Quickfire Challenge, chefs are given only 5 minutes to cook one signature dish. The winner, The Flash, earns immunity by using his hyper speed to create an entire six-course Thanksgiving dinner including salt-roasted turkey with chanterelle mushroom stuffing, candied yams with homemade marshmallows, maple-braised butternut squash with fresh thyme, Greek-inspired fresh oregano and giblet pan gravy, sautéed shallots with pomegranate and parsley gremolata, and a palate-cleansing lemon-nutmeg ice cream.

For the Elimination Challenge, chefs are tasked with creating a meal that represents their hometown. The winner, Daredevil, truly inspires the judges by creating the perfect representation of a classic Hell’s Kitchen Italian dinner, scoring extra points for a modern spin on his grandma’s penne all’arrabbiata. The losing chef, Super-Skrull, fails to impress judges with his version of Kgxh’qrlt—a broth from his native planet Tarnax IV—which judges describe as “an acquired taste we do not wish to acquire.”