A list of all the rejected sequels to the franchise Home Alone.

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September 18, 2013

1. Home Alone: Lost in Pittsburgh


It’s very similar to Home Alone 2. Except the film takes place in the boyish paradise of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

2. Home Alone: Are you sure you’re Alone?


Kevin, now much older and confident when it comes to any danger, has many of his high school friends over for the weekend. Eventually, a masked killer kills off each friend.

3. Home Alone: The Squeakquel


No information can be leaked, as the makers are involved in a tiring law- suit.

4. Home Alone: When Harry Met Marv


A fun bro-mance, where two single guys are down on their luck in the love department. They meet at an AA meeting and havoc ensues when they’re paired up to sponsor one another.

5. Home Alone: Fuller Crap


The best character of the Home Alone franchise, Fuller, gets his own movie. Fuller lies to the family by saying that he will meet them at Las Vegas after he goes and checks out the Grand Canyon on his own. At the tender age of eight, Fuller goes on a road trip that is filled of sin but fun for all the family.  

6. Pee Wee’s Home Alone!


Pee Wee Herman was paid £150 million to star in this 1994 cross over with Macaulay Culkin. However, trouble appeared on set, forcing Culkin to leave and shut down production. Culkin later said that Herman was too “in your face” and “always Pee-Wee”.

7. Home Alone: Buzz Me In


Kevin returns to sunny Pittsburgh to stay in the apartment of older brother Buzz. They go to an AA meeting and havoc ensues when they’re paired up to sponsor one another.

8. Home Alone: Origins


A coming of age Drama. It follows the lives of Kevin’s parents before they had children. Peter leaving for Vietnam leaves Kate at home, struggling to pay rent. Not to mention Kate's alcohol abuse, of which she should probably go to AA about and get sponsored.