Going Overboard Starring Brooks Wheelan

Going Overboard ( A all new rated t.v MA sitcom E rom-com E drity kind deal lee o of show loosely based off that sh*ty Adam Sandler movie Going Overboard from back 1989. A struggling young comedian takes a menial job on a cruise ship where he hopes for his big chance to make it in the world of cruise ship comedy. Shecky Moskowitz, a deservedly struggling young comedian, lands a menial job on a cruise ship as the Miss-Universe contest is being held on-board. The Big Man On Deck for this voyage is Dickie Diamond, the ship's comedian and all-around ladies' man. As an assorted array of thugs, Panamanian mercenaries and terrorists try to storm the ship, Shecky hopes for one big chance to prove himself and enter the exciting world of cruise ship comedy. Starring  ( Brooks Wheelan ) as Shecky Moskowitz in this Going Overboard new comedy show. "Get the Funny or Die team together for this because be got hit idea on are hands mates." An am think we got a new Netflix Original or a HBO show or something like that a ! You know so you can really go all out with things but a Comedy Central or even a Adult Swim would be ok i guess but really any f in channel will do just make it for the love of God man ! An let Brooks Wheelan have some say in the making of this you dig. Am tell you Brooks Wheelan was born for this role. Do it for me !") 

N.W.A. Pro Wrestling Rants

Yuvraj "Raj" Singh Dhesi aka Jinder Mahal should be the N.W.A. as one of the top guys. 

Aksana vs Barbi Hayden for the N.W.A. Woman's World Title should happen. 

Aksana and Jinder Mahal vs Jocepus & Eve  in a mixed tag match would be sweet at the  NWA SAW mill. 

The Headbangers should get a shot a the N.W.A. World Tag Team Titles.  

Ken Shamrock vs Kid Cash in a i quit match would be classic. 

Rob Conway vs Lou Marconi vs Byron Wilcott vs Chase Owens  inside the steel cage for the N.W.A. World heavyweight Championship Title would be classic.  You been that all the top champs in the N.W.A. would going after each other inside a steel cage for the N.W.A. World Title and all you dig. 

Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco should become the next N.W.A. U.S. Tag Team Champs and put them on the TV shows. 

Carlito and Chris Masters as a top tag team in the N.W.A. would sweet ! 

A tag team tournament for the #1 contenders spot would be pimp. 

The N.W.A. Ringside web page needs to start selling their top wrestlers T-Shirts and really just more swag would be nice man. 

The N.W.A. should do a live stream on Youtube for some of their shows. An Hell maybe the N.W.A. and Youtube could team up together and put on a live weekly N.W.A. show. 

The N.W.A. on T.B.S. lets make it happen T.B.S. 

Just do like the old N.W.A. ( aka W.C.W. ) on T.N.T. & T.B.S. again with N.W.A. shows in the same time slots as the 3 old W.C.W. shows. 

N.W.A pro wrestling should start doing shows in the Ohio Valley at place like Jimmy Carey Stadium in Weirton W.V. , The Weirton W.V. Community Center , The St John Arena in Steubenville O.H. , The Paris PA Sportsman Club , Krazy about Sports in Weirton W.V. are just a few places around my area the N.W.A. could do shows at you dig N.W.A. 

Use these people who have been let go by T.N.A. , W.W.E. , N.J.P.W. , R.O.H. and all the other big companies. 

The N.W.A. really needs to push it's women's division big time because it's the best. 

A lucky 7 way ladder match for the N.W.A. light heavyweight Championship title would be killer ! 

Keep the Podcast and the NWA Magazine going my friends because i enjoy them both. 

All the best in the N.W.A. for all the Territories in the N.W.A. should get together for a i.P.P.V. 

Keep bringing in new independent promotions from all over the world to add to the N.W.A. territories because that is what is keep pro wrestling alive.