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yep its the old two for one you all.
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Published May 12, 2011

dating a vampier

So your a lady looking to date a vampier but does not want to be bit by him & become one your self right? Well here is my tip to staying alive when being a fang banger. Only hang with this vampier joker when your on your period; so when your geting it on he can just go down south on you to get his fix for blood and all  he has to do is lick that snatch of yours. IT WORKS EVERY TIME!

things we have found out about Bin Ladin

#1 he was superficial with the dye, the boner juice & Pepsi drinking (death to america but don't stop making the Pepsi)

#2 He was a big time pot head & really into the Dead (just a little for his cararacts ;] )

#3 He loved to watch him self on t.v ( not much of a ego or anything right!)

#4  he had 6 wives (hell i didn't know he was mormon)

#5 Had tons of foot featish pron on his PC.

#6 was stuck in the 80's with that old ass t.v with rabit ears watching the Beverly Hills Cop Marathon on HBO.

#7 had plans on taking on John Cena for the WWE campionship @ wrestlemania!

#8 Osama Bin Laden has more kids then Octomom & kate Gosselin combined.

#9 his right hand man was Khalid AlFawwaz soon to be NYC prison #666420

#10 Had a stong run of pimping out his wives for over the past 25 years.

#11even Mohammed hated his ass & that's why his in hell now.


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