THANKS VHS (sh*tty movie ideas.)

The Phantom Skull in 3D ( This time it takes place in 2040 and this time there is more action, more sex and more death with more fun and more funny. With the same kind storylines with the deal about the skulls thing and all that sh*t that was in the comic books and the movie from back in 1996 but this time it's based off the Phantom 2040 comic books. An then you can start the comic books back up and make a new video game for The Phantom 2040 flick. So if you don't know what am talking about just look it up buds. Staring billy zane as the Phantom once more. )

Tunder Lips 3000 in 3D ( So in the year 3,000 in space the human race needs a hero to kill of the space monsters that are killing off the aliens and humans left and right. So the Gray Aliens unfreeze TunderLips ( aka Hulk Hogan )  so he can fight by there side, so they can take out these Monsters once and for all this time dude. Saving the Alien race and human race in space. Make it very syfi, very gory, very creepy, very scary, fun, funny and sexy as hell with a tripped out cliffhanger ending that will have you sh*ting and pissing your pants and saying o WTF ! An then we can make a video games and comic books after this movie brothers. As a strate to DVD\Blu-ray and Netflix movie. ThunderLips 3,000 Rated R. )

The Drunk Cop ( A really cool B and super R rated type of of thriller horror movie about a veteran cop named Joe Pitts ( Played by Nicolas Cage )  who is a black out drunk and when he blacks out he kills and doesn't even know it at all what so ever my peeps. His the serial killer of Omaha Nebraska that has been killing people in this town since the early 90's.  Yes my friends the law in this town has been looking for him this whole f in time. An once they find out it is him Joe Pitts that is the serial kill he goes on the run and at the end he kills himself right in front of his best friend Bobby Smith ( played by Brendan Fraser ) and partner on the force for the past 15 years. The END. "A make this movie very very dark and deep with the sick and twisted sh*t with that Bringing out the Dead look and feel to this with a few tits in this and this movie an then this will be the f in sh*t and then some players.) 

So if i Pogo PC where in the WWE/TNA/JPW/ROH/indy

Fighting out of: Wheeling W.V

Standing 5'8th at 207lbs he is Jake the BuLLFrOG Stetar! aka Captain Cheezy Gonzoland aka Pogo Paris Colliers (also my porn name.) 

Theme song: "Life in the Matrix" By TheToylets

Ring Gear: ("An  i.C Light t-shirt on rocking a trucker hat with a beer in my hand in some baggy ass sweatpants with my Chuck Tzz on as always bitch!.")

Finshers: Pin: The Evil Flow DDT. aka "Tip Your Waitress"  TAP: a body scrissors with a full nelson lock. AKA "The Snake Hold."

One liners: "O it's going to be like a shacka RackaLame up in here tonight son!" and then "it aint nothing but a jimmy a jam thang baby!" and Then "Your ass is grass and am going to smoke it b*tch!" and then "Lick my sweaty crack" 

Team Tag Name: 4:20* "With my dude Evan Bourne on my side." Are oneliner: Hey Hey Hey smoke weed everyday. Team finishers: The Stagedive and the Crossface / Shapshooter combo.