Some new some old some made up butt fun.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
The Kramsutra and boner pills

Do it now before its to late.

The curve ball = When someone that is jacking you off graps your balls really hard and curves the sh*t out of them until they are milked dry. (your not going to have blue balls anymore but they will be black and blue.)

The play back = Watching a live shot of the sex act your in or gang bang your a part of  you know what ever floats your boat you all. (a mear above the bed work also.)

Float your Boat = Is when a dude is drilling at chick in the pool when she is floating on her back. (also there is the reverse float your boat where you float your your belly and get it in the bum.)

the Plug it in = Getting things in every hole of your body at the same time. (O and its electric fo damn sho.)

The Electric slide = It is when you have a dilldo up your but and so does the person/people your having sex with.

The hang man = Is when a man hangs him self with a belt to get off even more when he is inside your vajj doggie style. (An always have a partner when doing this because if you do this when jacking off you might end up killing your self like so meany before us have done.)

The tuck back. = When a person grabs a dudes junk to get him hard  then tucks it back so far that they but it in the dudes but so he f*cks him self and bust his nut in his own bum. (Must have big d*ck for this one.)

The Speed bag ( When someone hits your nuts like its a speed bag until you bust all over there face or in mouth.)

DVDA (double dicks in the vagina and double dicks in the ass all at the same time.)

The Birther (its where you stick your whole head inside her vjj.)

The Paylay  (it's when she\he or it (what ever your into) kicks your balls around until they bust like a champ. 

The love bug ( You and your lover both but a bug into your bum bums before giving each other 69 standing up. Now that will get your rocks off.) 

now the classic ones

 Most of these ones need no explantion. Such as 69, 101, the dirty sanchez, the rust trombone, The Mustache Ride, brown town, the mini van (2 up front and 5 in the back), the spocker, The ATM, the back door double fisting,  the lineup, The TFBJ (f*cking tittys and geting a BJ at the same time.) and so meany more to list but i dont have the time because i need to go give myself a rusty venture right about now, before getting some hot wax poured on my balls and get hit with a whip meany times over as am locked up in a small cage in some old dark abandoned warehouse.  Because that is the way i get down yo.

So taker sleazy and if she is sleazy take her twice! 


Daddy loves you.