Hollywood loves a good sequel. The only thing it likes more is a bad sequel. With the movie adaptation of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" under production, here's a look at potential follow-ups.

Martin Van Buren: Peyote Dabbler

Andrew Johnson: Hitler Impersonator

James Garfield: Nermal Slayer

Rutherford B. Hayes: Hipster Douchebag

Franklin Pierce: Hobo Strangler

William Howard Taft: Balloon Thief

William Henry Harrison: Super-Creeper

Benjamin Harrison: Gnome Commander

Grover Cleveland: MILF Banger

William McKinley: Nosferatu Inspirer

Millard Fillmore: Hard-Ass Motherfucker

Chester Arthur: Werewolf Lovechild

Ronald Reagan: Frankenstein Tea-Bagger

Benjamin Franklin: Dick