Even though Herman Cain has gotten himself into quite a mess, he's in good company.
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Published November 30, 2011

Howard Dean Gets Too Excited

In terms of a presidential race, you'd think that enthusiasm would be a good thing. But there's enthusiasm, and then there's Howard Dean.


And, bonus, Dave Chapelle was kind enough to put the final nail in the campaign's coffin.


Sarah Palin Reads All the Magazines

Name a magazine, any magazine. Seriously. Name one magazine.


Rick Perry Covers "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad"

Don't feel bad, Rick Perry. No one has to actually learn anything nowadays. Maybe try Google?


Rick Perry Is A Cool Dad

After Perry was accused of being too stiff, he decided to loosen up a bit. Like trying-too-hard-to-be-relatable dads, he may have overcompensated.



A Summary of Dan Quayle's Entire Existence

This isn't even from the campaign trail. It's just a nugget of Dan Quayle joy, wrapped up in the misdirection of a child's spelling abilities.