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A movie ideas and t.v show idea both based of comic books.
Published March 18, 2011 More Info »
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Published March 18, 2011

Drax ( New Earth ) : infinity Man ( Rated PG 13 )

infinity-Man was a man named Astorr, a powerful warrior from another planet. Astorr came across Drax (Darkseid's brother), who was horribly burnt. After nursing Drax back to health, he was able to pass the role of Infinity-Man to Drax before dying of old age. It took Drax years of study before he was ready to assume the title of Infinity-Man. Drax (Infinity-Man) eventually came to serve Highfather on New Genesis, where he was acquainted with The Forever People and became a protector. Whenever Infinity-Man was needed, all the Forever People would touch the mother boxes and recite the word Taaru, thus tossing them into limbo until Infinity-Man returned the power to them.Darkseid saw Infinity-Man as a threat and figured out a way to place him in another dimension, where Infinity-Man made a planet called Adon his home. The Forever People were able to free him from this prison.Devilance the Pursuer had a personal vendetta against the Forever People, and especially the Infinity-Man. Devilance tracked down Infinity-Man, and the resulting battle caused the island they were fighting on to explode. The two appeared to die in the process, but Infinity-Man returned, due to the effort of the Forever People and Maya, to defeat Darkseid.Here is the link to his bio : ( ) 

Tim Warden's : Liquor Man: The Animated Seires ( Rated T.V. MA )

Liquorman may be the most disgusting comic book you ever read ! How Cu Roi got names like George Perez, Ron Lim, and Tim Vigil to draw Liquorman pin-ups – your guess is as good as ours ! We’re having trouble finding a place to direct you to pick up your own copy of the comic book series , so where just going to make into into a animated t.v. series !