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The Blind Date From Hell ( A all new rated R drity romantic comedy for lovers and people looking for love. An so Ricky Johnson ( Meegwun Fairbrother ) and Gwen Westwood ( Tamara Brown ) two want to be actors from Hollywood have signed up for a new blind dat show out here is LA called "Shot in the Dark" that is hosted by Pauly Shore ( Himself ) and so Ricky Johnson and Gwen Westwood get hooked up together for there blind date that will be filmed for the show. An well this date goes to hell in handbasket from jump street. The limo driver Rocky Anderson ( Christian Jadah ) is super creep and on top of that his drunk. So the date start off with very awkward conversation about wired sh*t because these two are not a like at all what so ever at all ! . Then dinner is total sh*t in every way and on top of the there waitress Jill ( Helen Koya ) is hitting on Gwen the whole time. So after that they hit up a bar where they both get pissed pants drunk and the place breaks out into a bar fight, So this date is so over ! Yeah it's time to go home for f in sure yo ! But on the way back the limo crashes into a swimming pool. So now Gwen and Ricky have to walk about home. An they hit it off finally on the walk and when make it back to Ricky's place Gwen comes in for a night cap and they get it on like donkey kong and they have been together ever since. The End.  THE Party movie of the year and really of a life time.) 

River ( Lacey Rain ( Alicia Witt ) is a Undertaker from Pittsburgh who is a very good looking yound lady who is suckering men and women in with her good look and kidnapping them so she can kill the Jack the Ripper style in the basement of the funeral home that she owns, ( being that it was passed down to her in her granfater will a years few back so now it's hers ). Anyways after she kills these people Jack the Ripper style so she can play with live organs. She then puts them in body bags and dumps them in the 3 rivers. So now Detective Cody Sawl ( Adam Edge Copeland ) is heading up the invitation for the Pittsburgh Police department and he will do whatever it takes to stop this women for good. Even if he has to put his own life on the line by going undercover and being suckered in by this woman Lacey Rain who he thinks is the killer. So in the end when Cody Sawl is tied up on the table at the funeral home about to be worked on jacked the ripper style when the Police bust in and they shot and kill this mad woman Lacey Rain saving Cody Sawl's life and saving the day. An then they find other body bags at the funeral home with missing people's body parts in them so it's a case close they save the city of Pittsburgh for this nut case once and for all the end. Rated R.) 

impaler ( The Story story of Vladmir the impaler. Rated R. ) 

Kojak ( The movie based off the old t.v show. Lt. Theo Kojak is the main character in this popular police drama movie. Kojak is a tough cop, but his trademark is a fondness for lollipops. Despite his difficult work, he tirelessly brings criminals to justice while staying upbeat and good-natured. An in this movie his going to stop a terrorist attack on a g20 summit. Bombs away ! Action dramedy at it's coolest. ) 

Sex with Drugs ( A new Rated R dark comedy with a very big happy ending. About a single lady named lady Miss. Janet Saxton (  Kari Matchett ), who is a life long sex addict \ drug addict, grade school teacher who loses it all because of her lifestyle. Her job, her home, her boyfriends and her car and yes that is right she becomes homeless. So now she is seeking help so she can recover from these evil ways.  An yes she finds the help she needs  An that help comes in the form of a long lost friend. An the friend is her old high school boyfriend now a drug dealer Judd Ferrell ( Bob Stephenson ). An together they deal off the last of his drugs an use that money so they can both check into rehab. An after they both get out of rehab Janet Saxton moves in with Judd Ferrell and they fall in love together. So as for Judd Ferrell he gets a job as a head coach for a college baseball team and are girl Janet Saxton becomes a history teacher at the very same college. An so then these two get married and have kids and forever live happy ever after for ever and always. Comedy it up !)

Six Pack ( This movie centered around the six survivors ( 3 men and 3 women ) of a world nuclear holocaust. The six of them live together in an abandoned farm house in what used to be Fairfield iowa, while trying to survive and re-establish civilization. aka 1 black guy Lebron Hancock ( Sterling K Brown ) he used to be a math teacher at UCLA. 1 black chick 1 Naomi Wright ( Nakia Burise ) she was a stay at home mom who was living in Chicago. 1 asian chick Mia Lee ( Patricia Ja Lee ) she was a doctor in Pittsburgh. 1 asian guy Levi Yang ( Jason Keng-Kwin Chan ) he was a computer technician from Seattle. 1 white guy Frank Jefferson ( Trevor Donovan ) he was a model from New York City.  An 1 white chick Sammie Starr ( Gabrielle Fitzpatrick ) she was a bar owner from Sydney Australia who was on a vegas vaction when sh*t hit the fan. An together they must start the world back up all over again like i just told you so check it out. Rated R as a mother f*cker that will make all 6 of these people big time stars becasue this movie is deep stuff.)


The Spy The series stars ( Allison Smith ) as Allison Welch, she is a retired secret agent who reluctantly agrees to get back into the "spy game" and she will be working for a secret government agency. An each week she will take on a new mission for this secret government agency. An yes she can and will do missions of any and all kinds the old school way. An i can't tell you more because if i did i would have to kill you and that's no good for you at all what so ever right. So if you want to know more just watch the new show The Spy. Rated T.V MA. ) 

Dwarf  Dwarf is a rural planet that doesn't revolve around its axis and therefore is divided into contrasting halves of eternal day vs. eternal night.The dark side is stuck in the dark ages, the day side is a high tech spaced aged city. Both leave Rampart in a state of constant wonder, as we find are way among the humans and the aliens, on Dwarf a place of strange dreams and even stranger reality, Where the oceans and the seas are red, Where universal matters of war and peace, good and bad, love and hate and sickness and health are taking place on a every day level. The night side is ran by the young King Alexander ( Zach Gilford ) Gray and the young Queen Alexis Gray ( Alexis Bledel ), where the day side is ran by the Alien the humans call Reeboka ( Ali Larther ) here of planet Dwarf where it's night vs day always. ) 

Liquorman ( A new live action superhero show based off the Liquor man comic books. Rated T.V MA. ) 

Totally Baked ( A sexy new rated T.V MA little comedy show about 4 pot head chicks in a punk rock band called BiG TiTS that live together in Denver Colorado. as ( Barbie Blank ) Leah Vickson and she is the lead singer and rhythm guitar player in BiG TiTS, ( Mae Whitman ) as Candy Hart she is the base player for BiG TiTS, ( Erika Christensen ) Sally Ryder is the dumber for BiG TiTS, ( Brittany Snow ) Anita Cummings she is the lead guitar play for BiG TiTS. An we get to see the live and times of these 4 ladies in this show. So yep this show is kind of like Sex in the City but for young women on pot and young drunk women world wide. F*CKiNG PUNK ROCK ! ) 

Street Walkers ( A killer new show about a serial killer team for ever on the run called the Street Walkers. Kelly Brooks ( Torrie Wilson ) & Mindy Vancamp ( Dawm Marie ). These two women are stealing and killing all over North America. Stealing what ever they want when they want and killing who ever gets in there way. An these two act like there street walkers but really there killing pimps and johns on a everyday base putting these sickos out of there out of there misery once and for all as they run wild doing whatever the hell they want bitches ! Because they can ! So you best watch out for the hot ones playes. FTW !) 

N.W.A all star pro wrestling ( A new pro wrestling show on on Fox Sports Sundays 9pm - 11pm. Am going to keep bring it up so someone give N.W.A pro wrestling a 2 hour long show on your network for the love of God !!!! ) 

Darkman ( on NBC. Come on one more try NBC. ) 

Barb Wire ( on HBO ) 

N.W.O ( A show about the New the Order. ) 


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