What i do on Saturday ( Rated T.V. MA )

What i do on Saturday ( " The loner " Stevie Little ( Jacob Stetar  ) from Pittsburgh PA. Stevie Little his a quiet easy going nice guy who is just a boring example of everyone else. But come Saturday he lets his devilish side out , but he will never tell you what he does on a Saturday. Because on Saturdays this 9 to 5 , 6 days a week mail man turns into a Alpha male on party on Saturdays after work on Saturdays ( an he drinks until his eyes are full my man ! An his 420 friendly as well mates ;- ) an Sundays he has off and Sundays are for hangover recovery but he keeps all that junk on the DL from his co-workers who think his a big old dork. But come Saturday the cool guy soars bay bay ! The lone wolf party animal Stevie Little come Saturdays is on the pussy hunt as he track down the good times son ! But don't tell no one um k.  A show that is rated T.V. MA that airs on Saturdays. So each Saturday the show starts out with Stevie Little at work on Saturday ending his work day , then going home getting ready for his wild Saturday night adventures. An then we see him secretly get into all kind of random ass wild as hell shit each week on his Saturday nights out in the city of Pittsburgh PA and each episode ends with him coming home to crash out early on Sunday morning after a Devilish night out of hardcore partying. But always keeping things on DL so no one knows about his Saturday Nights that keep him alive ! The Theme Song for the show will be the Steve Burns called What i do on a Saturday from the Songs for Dust-mites.  ) 

Liquor Man Rated R

Liquor Man ( Turn the Liquor Man comic series into a full on rated R live action movie. ) 

The Maxx ( Turn that Maxx  animated show \ comic series into a full on Rated R Live action Movie. ) 

C.U.H.D. 3 in 3D. ( Been over this idea already so am not going to get into it here buds. ) 

( more crap later but that What i do on Saturday idea just burnt me out. )