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May 27, 2011

1. The Little Black Dress.

Cut low to reveal ample cleavage, to attract a rich successful gentleman who won't mind keeping you well maintained.

2. A pretty pair of heels.

Very sexy and flirty to make your legs long, lean and toned without an onerous session with your trainer! Sweating is so 1980’s. Oh and heels make your chest stick out.  Trust me; no man can resist a lady in heels. Heels must be at least 3.5” for full effect.

3. Chic Dark Shades.

Not only do these little babies make you alluring, you can discretely be searching for that special gentleman and size him up before you make your move.  I prefer an over-sized pair; you have more of a vantage point.

4. Cell phone.

Love, love, love the new iphone, where all your important digits are stored like my bff Terrie, I have her on speed dial so I never have to memorize her number!

5. Lifetime subscriptions.

...to Elle, Glamour, Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines to keep up on the up and looking fierce with every new season.  Of course, I get insider information so I'm always uber stylin'.