Action Heroes, although they entertained us in the early 80s and 90s, they are now getting old. In fact some of them qualify for a free bus pass in the UK put it that way. See what they used to look like and what they look like now!

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January 11, 2013

As you know, you can’t keep young forever. Unless of course you have managed to brew a secret batch of elixir of life in your stepmom’s basement or your name is Madonna – That bitch will live forever.

The rest of us will have to take one day at a time and slowly see our hair turn grey and wrinkles appear. At least we are taking the celebrities with us though and below you will see even the action heros of the 90s don’t look as youthful as they once did.

I think you will agree that some have tried to reverse the clocks and made the inevitable worse.

Jean-Claude Van Damme





Born: October 18, 1960 (age 52),

Van Damme will always be the best action hero of the late 80s and 90s in our eyes. Every film this guy does usually revolves around his brother getting paralyzed or killed somehow with Van Damme vowing for revenge. But that is what made his movies as you knew what to expect. Then will the addition of him in the Coors Light advert, our lives were complete. As you can tell though, all that martial arts has taken a toll on his looks.

Sylvester Stallone





Born: July 6, 1946 (age 66)

Holy shit, the guy is 66 years old. As Martin Lawrence would say: "Bell-E dat!" At 66 years of age you would expect the guy to look like shit (well, much worse than he does) so he has probably had work done. But being a writer, director, actor and more, the daily stresses of life hasn’t hit the guy too hard. The guy is still going strong today and was the works behind Expendables 1 and 2, so the old saying “You’re only as old as you feel" is true we guess.

Arnold Schwarzenegger





Born: July 30, 1947 (age 65)

The guy who said that he would be back keeps coming back, again and again.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are around the same age; do you think they go to the same surgeon? Maybe there is an action hero savers rate? We are only joshing, we are not criticizing if these guys have had work - we just wish to show how they have aged. Although, Mr. Schwarzenegger has had a very good run, with a professional bodybuilder, actor, businessman, investor, and politician under his belt - all of which he can add to his CV.

"If it bleeds, we can kill it." He also applies the same to radiators.

Bruce Willis





Born: March 19, 1955 (age 57)

We don’t think that Bruce Willis looks too bad; at his age we hope we can look as good as him. When you lose your hair you’re always going to appear to look older than you do and Mr. Willis had to find out the hard way, as he started losing his hair at a young age. However, he can pull off the shaven hair look, so it’s all gravy. He can also grow a mean beard if you have ever seen photos of him with one? He definitely needs to get another one on the go.

Steven Seagal





Born: April 10, 1952 (age 60)

We know that Steven Seagal – although an action hero – isn’t known for his body, but, man, Steven has put some right keb on. It must be all that guitar playing and less training. He probably dyes his hair, but then again so will some of the others. We don’t want to smack talk the man too much as he’s a sheriff now and we don’t want him knocking on the door. Although we would have plenty of time as we hear him waddling down the street.

Nicolas Cage





Born: January 7, 1964 (age 49)

Although Nicolas Cage’s hair has receded over the years, we like it. To be fair it’s now part of his character and he kills it (in a good way) with the long combed back hair. He’s like an uncle, minus the touching. “Take cover child! Now switch, to kryptonite!” His movies however are a different matter. Sorry if you are reading this, Nicolas, but you have to admit you have made some terrible ones.

Wesley Snipes





Born: July 31, 1962 (age 50)

Your momma's an Astronaut!” “Vampires!”

Looking good, Wesley! With some dye for his beard and if he grew his hair it would be as if the technology from the movie Demolition Man really existed. Have you been cryogenically frozen, Wezza? I bet he isn’t really in prison; I bet he has been put back in the freezer for the year 2032. “Can someone please defrost Wesley?”

Dolph Lundgren





Born: November 3, 1957 (age 55)

Although it seems that it’s only Dolph Lundgren who we have chosen to show naked, we assure you we haven’t got a Dolph Lundgren fetish. Unlucky for Dolphy, as he definitely looks like he has aged the most…poor guy (followed closely by Van Damme). He does look like he has a few villain roles up his sleeves with his looks. Just as long as he doesn’t go down the Mickey Rourke route and perform a scene out of the film Face Off.

I guess the big question now shouldn’t be: How well have they aged? But it should be: Should they still be acting? Hell yeah they should! We want them to act until their dying day. It would be amazing to see Van Damme vow revenge on his 21 year old brother when he is 92, and we want Bruce Willis to be starring in Die Hard 10 when he’s in his 90s.

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