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P*ssy Rants !
Published April 12, 2011 More Info »

Random rants about anything and everything

Next time i hear a suck-u-bitch cry about how hard she has it am going to rip off there meal tickets heads so they have to get a f in job. F to the U sloth women you all are the devil ! Next time i quit a dead job am going to f*ck the boss in the ass before i do quit. F*ck the world ! Because the world never stops f*cking me hard, so am going to give this world a reach around you f*ckers ! CMT and BET are racist, an if there is one thing i hate most is hate. So bring the love not the dumba*s sh*t. Craig Ferguson better take over the Late Show when Dave is done. So Dave buddy don't be like Jay my man. No for real don't be like Jay dude. An don't you go f*cking Craig CBS ! or i will come down there and f*ck you up son ! Buff Bagwell needs to be in T.N.A and since am talking wrestling the headbangers should come back to the W.W.E. f*ck these young jobber guy. Also more women action for the love God ! legalize weed world wide. Look  if tobacco and Alcohol are legal the herb needs to be as well you f*cking d*cks ! FOR F-N REAL BOO ! Nakedness and bad words need to be a go and violence should be the no no. No you know what f*ck it show it all all the time. An f*ck the kids. Boy i tell you what if the pirates miss the playoffs am going to start world war 3 up and then kill myself on live t.v. Look Pirates the Steelers and Pens win all the f*cking time so step it the f*ck up now ! For the love of all that is good in the world just win ! Quit P*SSiNG ME OFF ! Hey FOD i hate the new funny or die. Because it's a pain in the d*ck b*tch ! so yeah There in your face! Did i ever tell you i hate myself and my life. But i love you all. So it not your fault big cats. For all you dip sh*t women who think bass players are not f*ck-a-bull am going to get a bull d*ke to slap your face like i slap dee bass b*tch !. An since am talking bass the night court theme song has the best bass line ever in it man. Don't ever tell me what to do because you don't know me ! you think you know me but you have no idea son ! An i don't give two sh*t what you do in life so don't judge me punk.

More mindless BS

Yeah it's true i want to kick the sh*t out of every single pop stars in the world. You Killed Music ! YOU Killed it f*ckers ! You Killed music ! A don't mix music play music. no for real play it and sing it ok. Am sorry ladies but if your over 185lbs and over 5'10 it's a no go Sweethart. Am sorry but i just been down that road to meany times babe. Get off the drugs people ! An if you can't feed em don't breed em bro. A new pro wrestling comedy cartoon is needed on the t.v a. Just saying big dogs. Yeah if it wasn't for pro wrestling and cartoons i would have killed myself a long long time ago my peeps. No joke . Am ready for the chip in the head now U.S government. Lets put the hood rats in the trailer park and the white trash in the hood my brothers and sisters. Sperm bank dads are even crappier than your every day dead beat dad. Yeah it's a little thing called take care of kids. Even if they are 30 years old living in your basement waxing off 24\7. At least there not on drugs all the time. A new Ace Ventura and a new Mask movie in 3D need to be made in a rated R way my friends. Just because i said so. That also goes for SHE-RA. My #1 on my to do list is Tara Reid. Yeah i would made love to her so hard. Hell i might just f*ck her to death because i like her so much my peeps. Call be baby. next time i see some famous do a t.v ad am going to come your house and kick in your teeth f*cker ! Yeah man it's hard doing nothing with your life. An you can take that from me the master of the nothingness. God i need help ! F*ck this sh*t am off to get off to some cougars in the club porn. PEACE OUT