There are good kids, bad kids and the downright outrageous kids. Take a look at what happens when the world’s little monsters hit the road – it’s a mixed bag. Enjoy!

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September 26, 2011

Road Safety? What road safety

You won’t believe your eyes as this young boy drives a car – with the consent of his parents. Lucky enough, the Dad decided to capture the whole thing on tape providing damning evidence for the courts. Epic fail!

Underage Driver

Some things never fail to amaze. Check out this crazy driver letting his kid take control of the car as they are going along! Look closely and you will even see the boy’s legs hooked through the steering wheel. Has the world gone mad?

High Speed Chase

Take a look at this boy’s unapologetic reaction after stealing his grandmother’s car. This is one bad-ass kid with attitude.

Junior Jeep

Imagine a world where little children everywhere dominate the road in super cool miniature cars? Scary thought? Well this thought may not actually be too far fetched if this video is anything to go by.

Driving Disaster

Let’s hope that this kid is a better driver when he finally gets his hands on his very own car.

Is this real life?

You have four eyes! Is this real life? Check out this little boy’s reaction after being picked up from the dentist.

Performing Passenger

Justin Beiber eat your heart out – this cool kid knows how to keep people entertained. Let’s just hope the driving managed to keep their eyes on the road.

Sleepy Superstar

A little star in the making, this cool customer certainly took over the car with his very own hip hop gangster style. Wacka Flocka = great alarm clock.

Fanatic Fan

Car journeys can be boring: Who wouldn’t want to listen to the sweet sounds of Michael Buble? This 7 months year old baby certainly knows when he hears good music.

So be warned – never let the kids drive your car, never promise your son a treat when he is really going to church and always keep a video camera near by in case your child is the next pop star.

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