The once-iconoclastic Gen X is heading into their 40s. But that doesn't mean they can't have their own cover bands that pay tribute to the cool music of their generation! Here are some Gen X cover bands we'd like to see:

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April 03, 2013

Counting Crows Feet


This great band does their own middle-aged spin on Counting Crows hits, with songs like "Big Yellow Prius Taxi" and "Mr. Jones, Sr.". These dudes may be getting lines in their faces, but they ain't selling out to Botox!

The Trixies


These three girls once did college radio in the early '90s and rocked out to the Pixies. Now, they're moms. And they're doing their own thing, with songs like "Here Comes Your Dad",  "Where is My Mommy", and "Velouria (Sweatsuit)"!

Kid-Friendly Flag


Once hardcore teens who jumped into the mosh pit, these 4 dads continue the punk tradition with kid-friendly versions of Black Flag songs played on accordian and xylophone! Enjoy de-fanged punk hits that promote good parenting! Songs like: "You're Jealous Again (Give The Toy Back)", "TV Party 'til 8", and "Thirsty and Miserable For a Juice Box (Say Please)"

The Jesus My Aching Back

Jesus My Aching Back

Remember those 3 Euro-looking dudes in your dorm who dressed in black, smoked cigarettes, and listened to the feedback-laden pop of The Jesus And Mary Chain? They're reliving the glory in the 'burbs, with songs like "Just Like Honey (I'll Take Out the Trash)", "April Skies Make My Tennis Knee Hurt", and "Far Gone and Out (To Get More Milk At The Market)". These dudes may need back braces and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but they're not letting a slipped disc get in the way of rockin' out!

Sonic Long In The Tooth


Who didn't love the bracing noise-wallop of Sonic Youth? Well, these 5 married guys in their 40s just can't let go. They're taking out their suburban frustrations with songs like "I Love Her At Least Some of The Time", "Middle Age Riot", and "(I Want My Wife To) Disappearer".