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Written by Lauren Palmigiano

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May 25, 2009

Grill It Up

It's Memorial Day and if you're cool, you're at a BBQ. If you're not cool, you're at home heating up frozen hamburger patties on your George Foreman. To each his own. Check out these nine insane BBQ pits for real meat lovers.

9. Baby Carriage BBQ

Babies are delicious. But they are illegal to eat. Instead, smoke a big ham in this baby carriage BBQ. Same difference.

8. Car Hood BBQ

Still only in "concept" stage, this is an amazing concept. This completely changes the future of road trips.

7. Dragon Grill

The Dragon Grill costs upwards of $40,000, but if you're a fantasy nerd this can really change your status.

6. Gun BBQ

This Texas Six Shooter Grill took over two years to make. The grill smoke comes out of the barrel. If guns are cool, this is bad ass.

5. Hemi Powered Grill

This was made for a contest in 2005 and can cook 240 hot dogs in 3 minutes. Attention frat parties - this is a must have.

4. Shack Trailer BBQ

It looks like a mobile home, but it's all for grilling. The shack trailer makes every other camper jealous. In addition to everything you need for grilling, the shack has AC and stereo speakers.

3. Vintage Car Grill

A vintage Austin Healy as a BBQ? The best of both worlds.

2. Pig BBQ

Completely unironic. Grill your pig on your pig. Do it.

1. Motorcycle BBQ Pit

Of course the guys from American Chopper were involved in creating this mobile BBQ pit. That ain't your daddy's side car, that's a grill.

Happy Memorial Day!