News broke this week, that the original ending to 'Friends' did not have Ross and Rachel getting back together. Understandably, script was scrapped for the crowd-pleasing finale. But obviously this was not the first time famous shows trashed plotlines and even entire episodes. Here's a look back at some famous examples.

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Friends, Season 4 : "The One Where Joey Gets AIDS"

Screen_Shot_2012-10-25_at_10.10.34_AM.pngAfter watching a PSA for AIDS Prevention, Chandler becomes convinced that he may be infected with HIV because he once met someone who shook Magic Johnson's hand. For support, his best bud Joey goes with him to the health clinic where they both get tested for the disease. Chandler, obviously comes back clean because "Can he be any more celibate." Joey, however, learns he has full-blownsies after years of sleeping with countless women. In part 2 of the episode, Joey is forced to call every girl he's ever slept with and break the news. Hilarity ensues when can't help but begin every conversation with "How You Doin?".

Fresh Prince, Season 3: "Carlton Spits on a Homeless Man"

carlton-banks-e1339609162889.jpgA "Very Special Episode." Carlton meets a group of Princeton students. Since it is his dream to attend the prestigious university and follow in the footsteps of "The Big Guy," Carlton does anything he can to impress them. In a hazing ritual (which Carlton believes is his ticket to Princeton), Carlton is forced to spit on a homeless man. Torn up because of his actions, Carlton has a sit down with Uncle Phil who tells him, "I don't want the son who's not afraid to spit on a homeless man. I want the son who's not afraid not to." Subplot: Will sleeps with some fine slimmies.

The OC, Season 3 Finale: "Seth Sleeps With Marissa's Corpse"

Screen_Shot_2012-10-25_at_10.18.30_AM.pngSeason 3 ended with the death of Marissa, but there was originally a script written for one more episode in which Seth Cohen has sex with Marissa's limp body because he thought it would be a tribute to her and Ryan's love. Also Summer had a new boyfriend and he thought this would make her jealous. The infamous plot line was meant to be a series finale, but was scrapped after the show was renewed for a fourth season.

Boy Meets World, Season 5: "Mr. Feeney Gets Arrested for Statutory Rape"

Screen_Shot_2012-10-25_at_10.12.03_AM.pngCory and Topanga's relationship hits a rough patch, leading to Mr. Matthews searching for solace in his mentor, who always has the answers. Mr. Feeney, seeing his pupil's vulnerability, puts his hand on Cory's upper thigh. Cory, prone to overreactions, tells his brother Eric who proclaims that the "Feenster's a fiend." Eric, who despite graduating years ago, begins a series of protests in the high school leading to the beloved teacher's dismissal, arrest, and ultimately his sentencing.

Entourage, Season 7: "Turtle Needs Money for His Documentary on Red Yankee Hats"

image.jpgDowntrodden from a life of failed endeavors, Turtle hits up Vince for money for his film. Drama overhears and asks to the be star of it despite it being a documentary. Everything works out for everyone and the episode ends with the gang drinking champagne on a hotel rooftop party.