It's not pretty, but here's why it happened.

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October 13, 2011

It's not pretty, but here's why it happened:

Ashley - Had A Dead Tooth
Krissy - Possibly Banged Scott Stapp
Samantha - Cried During Pearl Harbor
Kristen - Owned Every Seal CD
Beverly - Shopped at Old Navy
Tori - Vagina Smelled Like Cabbage
Eva - Found Out She's Black
Erin - Mouth Kissed Her Dad
Amy - Always Smelled Her Hands
Melissa - Wore A Steelers Jersey
Sarah - Tried To Finger Me
Kasey - Was Probably A Guy
Courtney - Arms Like Burt Reynolds
Alison - Made Her Own Pants
Carla - Thought Bandanas Were Cool
Trinity - Looked Like Ryan Phillippe
Rebekah - Had A Squirrel's Face
Tamara - Nipples Looked Like Ham
Brandi - Favorite Movie Was Fletch
Kelli - Worked At Big Lots
Candice - Another Big Seal Fan
Leslie - Preferred Wearing Pant Suits

That's it.

That's the end.