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You wish you were as cool as these geezers.
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Published January 28, 2013

Butterfly Fresh

This broad hasn't given a FUCK since her days as an agent in the Freedmen's Bureau. 


OGs refer to J-Dimps as OG.

Lame N*GGAS be quiet

Fuck your social security!  This guy and his wife who looks way too much like a man don't have the time for broke n*ggas. 

Fogies be Faded

"Slow down on drinking and that kush?  AHA son you tripping!"

Blood Gang Beatrice

Gangbangin since before gangbangin.  This lady and her glock stirred up quite a bit of commotion at the constitutional convention.  Word is she stormed in on her dirtbike and fired shots while yelling "Anti-federalists BITCH!"

Running Shit in Produce

Fuck you AND your produce. 

Hi Haters :)

Selfie and the bird?!  Oh no she didn't!


Not knowing anything about the context of this masterpiece makes this woman even more the shit. 

2 Chaaaaaainz

This is literally 2 Chainz if he was a white lady.

A God amongst men

Step to my man during the month of October, I dare you!

South Beach Pimpin

His dick fell of 17 years ago and the young skanklings still flock to him.

THEE coolest.

Looking for the coolest old person?  Well look no further. Seriously.  Old Man Marley is a don.  The badass legends about Mars may be false, but he will knock your pussy ass out with a shovel.  Not to mention hop up in a jacuzzi with 8 latin hoes after doing so.  Marley I see you! "Follow @gurskyman or I'll have my way with your mothers!"