Lion King shouldn't be the only film getting a 3D revival. (The reasons are based on solely the film posters/dvd covers by me. I have never seen these films but I can get the gist from the big picture things.)

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October 07, 2011

Toby Tyler

Look at them pose! Wait a second....that chimp is rubbing Toby Tyler's leg in a very creepy way. Maybe they're a couple? A couple of misfits going on adventures that is! Anyway, the tagline suggests that the circus comes to town. So, obviously this chimp's name is "Circus comes to Town." Adventure to these misfits consists of posing for really cool photographs in front of a movie theater screen. 

Monkeys, Go Home

Another film with chimps in it? YOU BET YOUR BUTTER COVERED ASS IT IS! Okay. It looks like these chimps are on strike about being united or something. HOLD ON! MONKEY IN A DRESS! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

The Monkey's Uncle

80+ minutes of a "teen-age" chimp hiding his erection from a Technicolor dancing lady seems fun.