Weed makes everything more fun...right? WRONG! Here are five boring activities that even sweet sweet cheeba can’t help.

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This was written for the October issue of Savage Henry Magazine.
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October 12, 2011

Cleaning your 6-Disc CD Changer

Now I know what you'€™re thinking: Don'€™t weed and music go well together?
In most cases yes, but cleaning your 6-Disc CD Changer is the rare exception.
You have to put in your brush laser lens cleaner cleaning disc (that'€™s what they'€™re actually called) and listen to the instructions SIX times in a row. You know what that means? NO MUSIC! However, after you clean the player you can listen to tons of awesome music and trust me, when youâ€'re high, it's mad chill.

Sorting your Socks

Let'€™s just face it: Socks aren'€™t interesting. We'€™ve tried for so long to make them relevant. We have sock specialty stores, toe-socks, we'€™re even naming baseball teams and presidents'€™ cats after socks. GIVE IT UP SOCKS! YOU'RE BORING!

Watching a Movie on Mute

Sure, it'€™s always interesting at first, but it's really hard to follow the film'€™s story without sound. If you haven'€™t seen the movie before then you'€™ll be totally lost in minutes. Plus explosions are way less interesting when they aren'€™t heard.

Sitting in an Empty Room With Nothing On The Walls

I mean you can smoke all the pot you want...you'€™re not making an empty room with nothing on the walls exciting.

Writing this Article

You know, I started out having fun, but I quickly got less and less motivated. Each answer is shorter than the last and I feel like I really half-assed this whole th