The SNL stage was re-imagined (covered in a green sheet) for RiRi's performance of "Diamonds." And much like real diamonds, this performance did not come to be without deception, lies, and well, probably not deaths, but, believe you me, it was shady to say the least. Apparently, and you won't believe this, a lot of the art work that went into making this the "best live performance of 1990's SNL" was, gasp, shudder, used without permission. But why steal when there are mountains of crappy web art from the 90's out there, just begging to be used!

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Windows 3.11's most expressive screen saver.

Dancing Baby From Ally McBeal


Rihanna's already pumping out the dance beats, so this just makes sense.

Windows '98 Desktop

Static, but i makes a strong statement...a strong statement about primary colors and how far computers have come.

Lisa Loeb Screensaver

Sure, it's a singer behind a singer, but can't you see how that has deep meaning? That Rihanna, in some way, owes something, maybe, to Lisa Loeb, a pinoeer in, um, women,umĀ  being, on a stage, and singing.

Scenes from The Rainmaker

Just put this DVD in and press "play." Any moment you capture will be breathtaking.