cheers to beers

Am not drunk at all bro. 

A i only drink to be social. 

Yeah i only drink on the weekends. 

Hey i can drive so lets go you all party at my parents place. 


Watch me brake this table !  "Did you recored that bros !" 

Yo i will f*ck every b*tch in the bar right now mother f*ckers ! 

Party at my house ! 

O sh*t i think i just sh*t my pants. 

who p*ssed in these pants god d*mn it ! 

Hey i don't have a drink problem because enjoy getting drunk. 

Seems to me like your the one with the problem f*cker ! 

AHA wiskey the worlds best pain reliever baby ! 

Like lets do some shots ladies ! 

AA is for p*ssies d*ck head ! 

Am not a quitter ! So line up them shot bitch ! 

God dog i would so f*ck the ever loving sh*t out of your momz right now duder WOO ! 

Your driving me to drink ! "No really son you have to drive me to the bar because i don't have a license because of the DUi and all." 

O ! shut the hell up i no my limitz  ass wipe. 

Look at my d*ck bitch bitches ! 

Chug it ! Chug it ! Chug it !

Am going to needs a lot more drink in me if am going to f*ck the wife tonight budie.

Crank up that sh*t UP  !

O ! it's so time to getz my dance on boo ! 

Yep it's a good day to  drowned the sorrows away. 

Am seeing triplets };-) . 

Hell i would lick up her . blood anytime by god.  Because of there bleeding they can't get pragerz and that my friends is just a scientific fact bros. 

Dang baby ! i would so eat out your b-hole sweet cheeks O ! O ! O ! };-)

Let me do some shot to get courage up to drive. 

Let go hunt down some cougars bros ! 

Yeah lucky for me i can't remember sh*t for last night dudes. UP TOP ! 

Hey mom it's your son can you bail me out again ?

A i drive drunk all the time an i never crashed once um k.

The best fix for a hangover is a 12 pack and thats a fact jack.

Lets do some drugs ! ! !

Hey man your wife is so f*cking hot dude !  So lets tag team that sh*t bro ! you get the pussy hole an i'll take the b-hole because i don't want kids bromosexual. 

My d*ck is so hard right now sweethart that i could nail a house. Fat ladies ;-) Bang ! Bang ! 

O yeah ! i'll kick all your asses right now f*ckerz ! 

F*ck you then bartender i'll just go home and drink because am not drunk !

black out are funny as hell dude. 

i never went to school and look how cool i am you stupid ass d*ck heads. 

YEAH i drink so i can share my feelings and so that i don't kill you mother f*ckers. 

No your the one who suck ! MY D*CK B*TCH ! 

Sh*t in my mouth and piss in my ass because am so f*ck up right now man ! 

F*ck the world and f*ck all of you  !  "then you cry"

Can i have some money because am broke man ! 

F*ck the govenment and NWO too ! 

Hold on let me text this dick pic to your sister before we go honey.

Am not gay or anything but your a good looking dude bro no lie dog.

Yeah i pre drink before any night on the town to save money. 

Whatz you got on my 40oz punk ! 

F*ck you all am going home !

That fish smell is going to make me sick. "An then you puke inside a women's pussy when going down on her." 

Butt Chug time boyz ! .

Hey tones of fun let me go for a ride on you. Slap dat ass and ride the waves pimps.

it's coming out both ends tonight son ! WOO ! Next time i don't eat before i drink.