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Things i need if am going to become a better me.
Published March 04, 2011 More Info »

A better me.

#1. Money endless amounts of money all in my name is what i need in life. 

#2. Romance \ forplay is a must if am going to stay up ladies and yes am talking about my wood. 
( Man i had the worst ! Slumpbuster of all times the other day , tell me about her sad f*cked up life and talking about dead people and all kinds of f*ck up sh*t and acting OK lets f*ck now , no romance , no forplay at all what so ever , and lets me tell you it was awkard as it gets my friends so i pray to the holy spirit , my slumpbuster day are over forever ! An the next woman i get with will be a soulmate , because am sick of all the f*cked up low life b*tches , look i feel bad for you f*cked up b*tches but am not going to let you trash bring me down anymore ! ) 

#3. Get some real friends that do not push me into doing really really stupid a*s sh*t like as in all the f*cking time like my so called " friends " who will get me killed one day with their dumb as f*ck dip sh*t ideas. An next time your f*ckers get any " bright ideas " go do it yourself , and you will see how not funny it really is your f*cking a*sholes , and by the way your not really fr*ends when you act like that d*ck heads. F*ck you guys ! An stay away from me for now on d*ck weeds !  ) 

a new a day is coming !

#4. Get me the f*ck out of the ohio valley forever ! Because there ain't no jobs around here , the pipeline are blowing up around here and so are homes because of it , 9 out of 10 people are these part are as*hole hicks and the other people are on drugs , + the suicide pre-capa is the highest in the U.S.A. and a lot of people i did know have killed themselves or have died because of an OD witch is like suicide in my book . So get me the f*ck out of the tri-state Ohio Valley , because i need to be in Denver or Seattle so i can 420 it up and just chill and be happy for once in my f*cked up life. 

#5. Get a hot as Hell lady personal Trainer , because am fat , bold and ugly and all that BS needs to change ASAP because i ain't getting any younger , + hair transplant and or Rogaine is a must do for me. 

#6. Get payed for all my good ideas that come to life ( an they do every single day but i never get a dime for any of it ever ! An the staff at funny or dies knows what am sayin !  ) 

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