Things not to say to the wife or your GF.
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My Bad

Where is a mother f*cking dinner at b*tch ! 

This d*ck isn't going to suck it self ! 

O yeah i would f*ck the living hell out of your mother because she is a f in cougar sweetness ! 

So you think we could get your sisters in on a orgy with us?

Let me f*ck your Butt baby. 

Get a job woman ! 

No this is my money so f*ck off ! 

My house my rules b*tch ! 

So you going to pay for that or what c*nt ! 

O yeah babe i have been filming us having sex and i been posting it up online. 

Lick my butt hole clean sweet hart. 

You make everything look fat you fat b*tch ! 

You need to get new friends so i can f*ck them because i done f*cked all your friends a bunch of times and it's getting old babe. 

There not my kids so f*ck em ! 

clean up after me right now woman ! 

Am a man so i do what i want ho ! 

The boys are coming over so we can get drunk as hell and everyone is staying over for the weekend um k babe. 

Get your stupid a*s up and do my laurndry now ! An snap to it b*tch ! 

Your paying all the bills for now and your going to like it woman ! 

Could you be anymore nasty you dirt ball ! 

Your worthless ! 

Why God why am i stuck with you? you fugly no good slut bag ! Why me ! 

Get me that hot chicks # you work with um k hot pants. 

Can you do anything right ? 

Lay off the candy there queen  jumbo size ! 

What are you retarded or something ! 

A i don't care if your on the rag do me hard now before i smack the sh*t out you b*tch ! 

Yeah that's right i own your ass b*tch ! 

Cry me a river c*nt face ! 

You must be f*cking every person in town because your p*ssy is as loose as it gets b*tch ! 

Am going to kill you one day. 

You take care of the kids and house and i make the money that how this sh*t works b*tch ! So get on it  Now ! 

beat my meat or am going to beat your face in woman ! 

Your going to need to get checked because i have more than one STD that i know about sorry mate. 

Yep i had better a lot better as a matter of a fact. 

You think your gay brother would have sex with me? 

Am going to f*ck all of  are kids teachers the next time i see them. 

Get me my drugs. 

Your killing me woman ! Your are f*cking killing me with your BS you lying a*s b*tch ! 

Am going to strip club because your a nasty ass c*nt faced b*tch ! 

Next time am getting hooker. 

Do you kiss your mother with the mouth? ( no because i do not kiss my mother you sick o ! )

How meany d*cks can you suck off in day a day you f*cking dirty a*s slut ! 

Hey why don't you f*ck all of my friends since your here babe? Yo line up guys because the ho train is cumming ! 

You have a loose butt hole. 

Where you droped on your head as child because you could not be any dumber you dumb b*tch ! 

Lets have a 3 way with my boss.

Your p*ssy stinks like a men locker room you skank a*s ho ! 

Well blow me down before i smack you around woman ! 

What is your name again ? 

Am going to brake you in half in the sack tonight sweet thing. 

You do what i say when i say it because your mine now b*tch ! 

F*ck my Butt with that strap on of yours baby ! 

O yes i want to wear your skin so i can feel your body on my body. 

Lets OD together. 

join my cult. 

You need to start working out or am leaving your a*s. 

Am going to crash car right in them trees if you don't shut the hell up ! 

O am just taking a sh*t on your ipod and all your CD's because the music you like sounds like you look and that is total sh*t b*tch ! 

Do you think your gangmother would s*ck my d*ck ! 

Take this gun and shot me in the head because i can't take it no more ! 

yeah whatever i will just go beat off becasue my hand feel a lot better than your b hole you stupid loose c*nt ! 

Hey baby come in here and rub me off in the tub ! 

So look babe i need to tell you something and that is that i sleep with dead bodies like all the time and there better than you. 

Am going to start pimping you out. 

How meany times to i have to tell you, chock me hard when your f*cking me woman ! 

A it's not gay if you go both ways ! 

Hey honey tell you c*ck sucking brother that he can come over and handle my ball again any time. 

Get me my d*mn beers because your driving me to drink woman ! 

i quit my job now give me a blow job. 

You make me sick ! 

Next time you eat me out or better yet you lick my b-hole and i'll your b-hole at the same time baby. 

You can't do one god d*mn thing right you wast of space ! 

Your trash !

A lets go get f*cked up with hobos.

 Yo i got all the game baby and that is way i gots all the ladies up on deez nuts b*tch so suck it ! 

O so your preggerz will you best be oriting that thing because it ain't mine !  Yeah that's right i ain't time for now kids ! 

( An that is a list of some of the BS your should never ever say in life. ) 


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